Advanced Measurement and Test

Volumes 301-303

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Song Qin, Lu Qu, Dong Wei, Bao Cai Zhang, Nan Wan Qiu

Abstract: The development of Internet of Things has led to a sharp rise in demand for sensors. Users require that sensors can collect information from...

Authors: Song Qin, Bao Cai Zhang, Dong Wei, Lu Qu, Nan Wan Qiu

Abstract: Wireless sensor network is a new area of ​​research in the computer science and technology. In response to the demand for a variety of...

Authors: Ye An Yin, Kirill Horoshenkov, Gui Bing Ou

Abstract: This paper presents an approach that estimates the thickness of the porous sediments on the bottom of a circular pipe by comparing the...

Authors: Bao Ji Ma, Yin Xia Wang

Abstract: Based on the analysis of formation and variation characteristics of oxide layers in ELID grinding, a new measurement principle and method...

Authors: Wen Hong Liu, Zhi Xie, Guang Lin Jia

Abstract: In continuous casting, it is very important to predict and detect the internal cracks of billet in time for ensuring continuous production,...

Authors: Shi Ping Li, Xin Dong

Abstract: An improved sobel algorithm is proposed for the iris location algorithm,solving the problem of large amount of computation in standard iris...

Authors: Lin Lin Liu, Jian Qiao Li, Shi Chao Fan, Xiu Juan Li, Wen Feng Fan, Hao Li

Abstract: The survey shows that the bulk density of lunar soil increases with the depth. The compaction of lunar soil also differs in the depth. The...

Authors: Jie Zhao, Ding Hua Zhang, Zhi Yong Chang

Abstract: The wide application on fields of designing and NC programming based on 3D model of part not only provide the supporting for applying 3D...

Authors: Jun An Zhang, Kai Ren, Lina Wang, Bo Liu

Abstract: Camping is a major parameter of floatation cushion dynamic performance, we could get floatation cushion dynamic performance parameter...

Authors: Xiao Yan Wang, Yong Xiao, Xiao Yu Ge, Jing Na Sun

Abstract: In manufacturing industry, bonding wires are used to interconnect the pads of a semiconductor chip to terminals of a package containing the...


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