Advanced Measurement and Test

Volumes 301-303

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Liang Yong Wan, Jun Xiang Wang, An Nan Jiang, Zhan Ping Song

Abstract: The finite element method combines with differential evolution algorithm to develop the displacement back analysis program. For the field...

Authors: Jun Xiang Wang, An Nan Jiang

Abstract: Differential evolution algorithm is a new global optimization algorithm. DE does not require an initial value, and it has rapid convergence,...

Authors: Gao Wa Jin, Qian Gong, You Qiong Cai, Xiao Lei Li, Yong Fu Shi, Run Run Gu, Qiao Yang

Abstract: A method based on microwave digestion and inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) has been established for the sensitive...

Authors: Chao Wei, Jun Hua Hong, Ji Bin Hu

Abstract: To solve problems of seal failure on composite transmission because of high temperature, an analytical and experimental analysis for the...

Authors: Chang Li Wang, Zong Yi Cai, Yu Zhi Tang, Sheng Wei Zhao, Xun Li, Ying Rui Lin, Zhe Chu

Abstract: This paper introduces the methods and results of the overpressure in the thermal explosion, and analyzes the results according to the...

Authors: De Xin Li, Zhao Xu Hu

Abstract: A laser instrument is designed to measure tunnel surface, which use a laser distance measure component as measuring sensor. The surface of...

Authors: Zhi Zeng, Ning Tao, Li Chun Feng, Ye Shu Li, Cun Lin Zhang

Abstract: The rotor blade is an important component in wind turbine generator, it consists of glass fiber reinforced plastics (GFRP) and sandwich...

Authors: Naasson P. de Alcantara, Danilo C. Costa, Diego S. Guedes, Ricardo V. Sartori, Paulo S. S. Bastos

Abstract: This paper presents a new non-destructive testing (NDT) for reinforced concrete structures, in order to identify the components of their...

Authors: Xin Jie Zhu, Zan Dong Han, Dong Du, Yi Fang Chen, Ke Yi Yuan

Abstract: The imaging and testing of ultrasonic SH (Shear Horizontal) guided waves may be used into testing and SHM (Structure Health Monitoring) of...

Authors: Guo Qun Chen, Ming Hua Zhao, Bo Xu

Abstract: For a new buried heated oil pipeline, the temperature field of the surrounded soil is natural. Therefore the temperature is usually low in...


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