Advanced Measurement and Test

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Authors: Chao Lu, Peng Ding, Zheng Hua Chen

Abstract: The AE signals of fiber reinforced composites in the tensile testing were processed by Hilbert-Huang transform. The AE signals were well...

Authors: Yuji Kotani, Hisaki Watari, Akihiro Watanabe

Abstract: The approach to total weight reduction has been a key issue for car manufacturers as they cope with more and more stringent requirements for...

Authors: Fu Sheng Li, Dong Sun, Xin Xi Xu, Xiu Guo Zhao, Shu Lin Tan

Abstract: The research on the relationship between vortex evolution and diffusion of aerosol in human upper respiratory tract can deepen understanding...

Authors: Hong Zhu

Abstract: Anti-corrosion coating in desulphurization flue of one wet flue gas desulfurization equipment (FGD) (model 1 and model 2) was designed and...

Authors: Jia Tian Zhang, Jian Guo Zhan, Zheng Guo Yan, Xiong He, Lin Ma

Abstract: This paper introduces the basic content of JRB320240B, including LCD tube foot function and operation sequence. Gives a kind of simple and...

Authors: Cen Cen Niu, Qing Wang, Wen Zhang, Ke Wang, Zhen Guo

Abstract: The black soil in Jilin Province, famous for providing significant amount of commodity grain to entire China, had already begun to regress...

Authors: Fan Mao Meng, Zhi Chao Liu

Abstract: Explosion suppression by water mist is a new technology for the control of coal mine gas explosion with the three elements in the gas...

Authors: Su Nan Cong, Wei Dong Liu

Abstract: According to microcosmic porous and throats model’s experiment which will be performed in Kexia layer, Qizhong district of conglomerate...

Authors: Rui Luo, Ping Chen, Ting Yang, Hui Zong Zhang, Ping Li, Ya Wu Zeng

Abstract: The tomography of the gravel was obtained by the CT scanning technology to reconstruct the DEM models. Simultaneously, dimensional...

Authors: Ye Tian, Mei Jia Guo, Jian She Zhang, Yu Cheng Li, Dong Xing Zhang, Di Hong Li

Abstract: Friction and wear performance is very complex. There are many tests methods and tests apparatus. In this paper, some basic of friction...


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