Advanced Measurement and Test

Volumes 301-303

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lun Wen Lu

Abstract: In our country, corn straw is byproduct of agricultural products and its output is quite great. So, through microbial technology,...

Authors: Guo Ping Zhang

Abstract: Whether laser surface strengthening on module steel can have an effect on intensity, shock resistance and wearing resistance. Through...

Authors: Ying Li, Hong Mei Qu, Ye Tian, Shuang Song, Peng Bai

Abstract: Reaction kinetics of the esterification of Methyl Formate (MF) is studied in a batch reactor at different temperatures and the reliability...

Authors: Xiu Zhi Xu, Yong Mao Feng, Shu Fan Wang, Ping Juan Niu

Abstract: Non-uniformity of luminance for big screen of LED flat panel display is one of problems affecting its display qualities, but existing...

Authors: Hui Qu, Xiao Yu Xu, Zhuo Xiang Ren

Abstract: In present IC design, the process variation such as the litho distortion has made the accurate extraction of parasitic capacitances of...

Authors: Xiao Yan Zhou, Shi Hai Zhao

Abstract: The work in this paper focuses on developing online measurement and automatic control systems for mercerizing lye concentration and presents...

Authors: Jun Jie Zhou, Shi Hua Yuan, Chao Wei

Abstract: To research the friction coefficient of rough surface under different contact loads. A mathematical model is proposed between the fractal...

Authors: Bi Fan He, Li'ao Wang, Da Yong Chen, Lei Lu, Zhi Peng Chen

Abstract: By using sewage sludge together with river sludge and pulverized fuel ash to produce lightweight aggregates are useful techniques to reuse...

Authors: Hong Chun Sun

Abstract: The steel rod is an important part for project fields , and it is large-scale to be used. it is apt to crack, corrosion and so on in the...

Authors: Zhi Ming Rao, Zhi Fang He, Jian Qiang Du

Abstract: We explore the terahertz (THz) wave generation based on surface-emitted difference frequency generation (SEDFG) in periodically-inverted...


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