Advanced Measurement and Test

Volumes 301-303

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lin Lin Liu, Yuan Li, Bao Wei Hao, Shi Zhao Wang

Abstract: Little attention has been paid to the nano-TiO2 as corrosion inhibitor before. In this paper, Myristic acid-modified...

Authors: Chuan Zhen Zhao, Li Yuan Yu, Chun Xiao Tang, Ming Li, Jian Xin Zhang

Abstract: The paper reports the setting up of a model of fluid dynamic for GaN HVPE system and the simulation. The deposition of GaN with the...

Authors: Qiang Fan, Xian Song Fu, Yi Li Liu, Ping Juan Niu, Tie Cheng Gao

Abstract: High power LED is a kind of ideal green lighting source, which owns longer life, higher efficiency and lower electricity power consumption...

Authors: Xin Pu, Liang Yu Li, Tian Qi Wang, Jia Hui Li

Abstract: In connection with the model of the turbine blade to be maintained, the path planning technology for the welding robot is researched. By...

Authors: Guo Xing Ren, Yan Cheng

Abstract: This paper conducts research on expendable current profiler measurement. According to the principle of expendable current profiler...

Authors: Ya Feng Li, Yu Xiu Xu, Xin Hua Ma

Abstract: According to characteristic of wind turbine vibration signal, base on the length fractal dimension principle, carry out quantitative...

Authors: Xin Ma, Hong Li Li

Abstract: An intelligent recognition algorithm of the combination of image edge detection and image area segmentation is designed in this paper. The...

Authors: Xiu Wu Sui, Xiao Guang Qi, Da Peng Li, Guo Xiong Zhang, Yu Ming Fan

Abstract: The paper presents the measurement system of the air plane fuel mass consisting of cylinder shell resonating density meter and double...

Authors: Xiu Wu Sui, Xiao Guang Qi, Han Wang Zhao, Da Peng Li, Ya Ming Jiang

Abstract: This paper designs a measurement system of energy consumption for clothes model controlled by robot technology, the system uses DC motor...

Authors: Chun Xiao Tang, En Bang Li, Chuan Zhen Zhao, Chao Li

Abstract: This paper introduced an apple quality detection and specie identification system based on multi-spectral imaging. Under an international...


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