Advanced Measurement and Test

Volumes 301-303

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xin Jiang Song, Wei Wang, Hai Bo Xu

Abstract: Strength characteristics play an important role in mechanic behavior of cement-soil. Laboratory tests on cement-soil with 12% cement ratio...

Authors: A Ying Zhang, Jian She Zhang, Yu Cheng Li, Di Hong Li, Dong Xing Zhang, Hai Ying Xiao, Jin Jia

Abstract: The effect of voids on moisture absorption of T300/914 laminates was discussed in this paper. The experimental results revealed that the...

Authors: Xiu Hong Zhao, Jie Zeng, Hai Yan Gao, Chang Biao Li, Chang Jiang Liu

Abstract: Gene encoding β-glucosidase was amplified through PCR by using the genome DNA extracted from L .delbrueckii subsp. delbrueckii as a...

Authors: Meng Ling Zhao

Abstract: The finite element numerical model of 2-D solute transport in ground water with variable was established under the condition of variety of...

Authors: Qing Bao Wei

Abstract: Energy conservation or energy saving is one of the most important methods for reducing CO2 emissions, which is known to be associated with...

Authors: Mei Ding, Ying Jie Lei, Ou Yang Jie

Abstract: In recent years, fluorescence spectrometry was widely used in quantitative determination of DNA. In this paper, a convenient synthesis of a...

Authors: Yuan Liang Zhang, Di Zhou, Peng Sen Jiang, Hong Chao Zhang

Abstract: Metal magnetic memory(MMM) testing has been used in the residual life prediction of remanufacturing cores. The MMM testing is one of the...

Authors: Ting Jun Li, Qin Xu, Jian Cun Ren, Bing Zhi Huang, Ming Bo Zhu

Abstract: With environmental protection, energy saving awareness has enhanced, the use of solar energy has become a trend. Designing a large solar...

Authors: Yan Zhang, Xi Wu Gong

Abstract: In order to evaluate the energy saving effect for building outside wall under the damp island environment, the heat insulation performance...

Authors: Hong Sheng Xu, Lan Wang

Abstract: As the foundation of the semantic web, ontology is a formal, explicit specification of a shared conceptual model. It becomes an important...


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