Advanced Measurement and Test

Volumes 301-303

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Liang Gao, Hua Bai, Rui Min, Jia Wu Li

Abstract: Based on the wind tunnel test of a mass culture activity center, the influence of the shape change of the structure with abnormal roofing on...

Authors: Guo Quan Feng, Bai Zhuo Zhou, Li Jing Lin, Qing Kai Han

Abstract: The angular misalignment of a three-point supported dual-span rotor system is discussed. Vibration measurement for coupling misalignment is...

Authors: Jian Guo Yang, Bei Zhi Li, Hua Jiang Chen

Abstract: In this paper, an adaptive edge detection method (Canny operator and Otsu threshold selection based adaptive edge detection method - COAED)...

Authors: Yong Luo, Xiu Chun Guo

Abstract: By research, we can realize definitely the relationship between the urban transportation system mode and containable development; meanwhile,...

Authors: Yong Luo, Xiu Chun Guo

Abstract: With the development of the transportation, the county-country highway network has the more and more important function in the...

Authors: Yong Fang Lai, Zhi Zeng, Jian Sun, Shu Liang Lui

Abstract: By making use of LabVIEW, this paper emulates the Time-To-Count measuring system with Geiger-Mueller counter. Results of the emulation...

Authors: Jian Guo, Bing Wu Liu, Ping Ping Dong

Abstract: Direct digital frequency synthesis (DDFS) technology is applied widely in traditional fields which need signal source since it has a lot of...

Authors: Shi Lin Wu, Qi Zhang, Jiu Long Xiong

Abstract: Spherical-cymbal transducer, which is derived from the traditional cymbal transducer, has demonstrated better vibration displacement and...

Authors: Du Hong Peng, Jian Chen, Hong Tao Wei

Abstract: Strategy use is a mental operation which aims directly at its target. In order to investigate brain activity during mental arithmetic...

Authors: Jun He, Hui Juan Dong, Hong Liang Pan, Guo Juan Cheng, Yang Xing

Abstract: Monitoring the pressure outside casing of oil-water wells is significant to prevent and reduce casing damage. Aiming at the problem of...


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