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Authors: Shou De Wang, Ling Chao Lu, Xin Cheng
Chapter 8: Constructional Materials
Abstract:The influences of slag on the expansion of alite-calcium barium sulphoaluminate cement were studied. The experimental results indicated that...
Authors: Ji Qing Zhu, Shao Peng Wu, Jin Jun Zhong, Dong Ming Wang
Chapter 8: Constructional Materials
Abstract:Some properties of asphalt mastic containing recycled cement mortar powder (CMP) were investigated in this paper. CMP was used as filler in...
Authors: Xu Yan Song, Jing Yun Han, Zhi Hai Gao
Chapter 8: Constructional Materials
Abstract:Activation of coal gangue from Yixing was done by the method of addition of calcium during calcination. Structural characteristic and...
Authors: Zong Hui Zhou, Zhi Qiang Li, Dong Yu Xu, Jing Hua Yu
Chapter 8: Constructional Materials
Abstract:The influence of slag and fly ash on the self-healing ability of concrete was researched by strength measurement and SEM analysis. The...
Authors: Qiu Ying Li, Ling Chao Lu, Shou De Wang
Chapter 8: Constructional Materials
Abstract:Synthesis conditions and performance of alite-strontium calcium sulphoaluminate cement have been studied by introducing strontium calcium...
Authors: Dan Ying Gao, Shuai Qi Song, Liang Ming Hu
Chapter 8: Constructional Materials
Abstract:This article carried out the strength experiments on four hundred and five specimens with twelve mix proportions and three curing ages,...
Authors: Zheng Mao Ye, Lian Cong Zheng, Li Hua Wan, Xin Cheng
Chapter 8: Constructional Materials
Abstract:The standard diffusion calculating model is one of the models widely used to predict the concrete construction life in chloride environment....
Authors: Tong Liu, Yan Jun Li, Bao Liang Li, Yuan Chao Wu, Wei Shan Wang, Xiao Cun Liu
Chapter 8: Constructional Materials
Abstract:Calcium sulphoaluminate (3CaO·3Al2O3·CaSO4, ) was synthesized with pure chemical reagents. The adsorbed...
Authors: Hong Xia Qiao, Hong Fa Yu, Zhong Mao He
Chapter 8: Constructional Materials
Abstract:After the assessment targets on concrete performance of anti-sulfate erosion were optimum designed rationally to be assessment parameters,...
Authors: Ke Jing Xu, Jin Tao Xi, Yan Qing Guo
Chapter 8: Constructional Materials
Abstract:A new method to improve the water-resistance of magnesium oxychloride composites (MOCs), with the addition of nano rice-husk ash (RHA), was...
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