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Authors: Hong Mei Wei, Hong Yu Xu, Lin Geng, Yu Dong Huang
Chapter 7: Composite Materials
Abstract:Crystallization behavior of melt aluminum on the surfaces of SiC whisker (SiCw) was analyzed based on the consideration to obtain the SiC-Al...
Authors: Guang Li Chen, Xing Hua Fu, Wen Hong Tao
Chapter 7: Composite Materials
Abstract:A kind of low-heat Portland cement clinker was prepared with coal gangue, limestone and gypsum through optimizing the mix proportion of raw...
Authors: Yun Long Deng, Yun Hui Sun, Du Xia Cao
Chapter 7: Composite Materials
Abstract:Organic modified sol-gel glass with tetraethylorthosilicate (TEOS), methyl triethoxysilane (MTEOS) and vinyltriethoxysilane (VTEOS) as raw...
Authors: Nawadon Petchwattana, Sirijutaratana Covavisaruch
Chapter 7: Composite Materials
Abstract:The influences of the types of chemical blowing agent (CBA) namely endothermic, exothermic and their mixture, on the properties of the foamed...
Authors: Xiao Min Li, Zheng Hou Zhu, Hui Song, Zhi Bin Liu, Xue Jiao Xu
Chapter 7: Composite Materials
Abstract:In this work, the Fe-based amorphous powder/S-glass fiber reinforced epoxy composite panels of different amorphous powder and gradient layer...
Authors: Xiao Li Dai, Xiang Wang, Jun Wang
Chapter 7: Composite Materials
Abstract:E-glass fiber woven roving reinforced polyurethane composites were manufactured by three different processes: hand lay-up, compression...
Authors: Heng Tian, Ji Hui Wang, Yun Dong Ji, Xu Feng Hao, Yan Zi Yin, Jiu Xiao Sun
Chapter 7: Composite Materials
Abstract:This paper mainly investigates the effect of embedded optical fibers on the tensile prosperities of carbon fiber reinforced polymer-matrix...
Authors: Shi Lin Yan, Wen Tao Li, Shao Peng Wu, Ling Pang
Chapter 7: Composite Materials
Abstract:The research on the conductive asphalt concrete(CAC) is to melt snow and ice on the pavement and improve the property of skid resistance....
Authors: Qing Huang Wang, Yong Yue Luo, Zhi Feng Yi, Chun Fang Feng, Yue Qiong Wang, Zheng Peng
Chapter 7: Composite Materials
Abstract:A novel natural rubber/silk fibroin (NR/SF) antibacterial composite was prepared firstly by using bombyx mori silk fibroin as the...
Authors: Huan Ming Chen, Ya Hong Gao, Qiong Lv, Dong Yang, Xin Xin Lin
Chapter 7: Composite Materials
Abstract:The Ni-P-W/nano-Al2O3 composite coatings were deposited on the surface of sintered NdFeB permanent magnet by...
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