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Authors: Sheng Hui Song, Fu Tian Liu
Chapter 7: Composite Materials
Abstract:Two kinds of polymer fiber and polymer latex are used to improve the toughness and bondability of cement mortar. The influences of the fiber...
Authors: Lian Jie Li, Chi Bin Gui
Chapter 7: Composite Materials
Abstract:Hardfacing alloys reinforced with WC/W2C on Q235 steel plates were prepared by the method of flux-cored wire TIG and MIG welding....
Authors: Ming Wen, Yun Long Yue, Hai Tao Zhang, Yang Li
Chapter 7: Composite Materials
Abstract:Parameters of processing (heat treatment temperature, holding time) and properties (Bending strength and Microhardness) of...
Authors: Yang Li, Yun Long Yue, Hai Tao Zhang, Ming Wen
Chapter 7: Composite Materials
Abstract:The SEM images of Ti2AlC/TiAl materials with different samples showed different fractal dimension.In Multi-fractal spectrum, the...
Authors: Yan Zhao Zhao, Wen Ji Guo, Lan Wang
Chapter 7: Composite Materials
Abstract:One-factor-at-a-time design and orthogonal design were used in the experimental design to optimize the process of preparation for Cefradine...
Authors: Xin Cheng, Dong Yu Xu, Shuang Shuang Liao, Shi Feng Huang
Chapter 7: Composite Materials
Abstract:Sulphoaluminate cement and Lead Niobium-Magnesium Zirconate Titanate ceramic (PMN) were used as matrix and functional component to fabricate...
Authors: Dong Yu Xu, Lei Qin, Shi Feng Huang, Xin Cheng
Chapter 7: Composite Materials
Abstract:1-3 type cement/epoxy resin based piezoelectric composite was designed and fabricated aiming at providing a new method for cement hydration...
Authors: Quan Zhou Li, Xiao Qing Wu
Chapter 7: Composite Materials
Abstract:A novel water soluble core material composed of alumina, quartz sand, kaolin, gypsum powder and the solution of binders was prepared. The...
Authors: Ri Cheng Yan, Zheng Hou Zhu, Hui Song, Xue Jiao Xu, Xiao Min Li
Chapter 7: Composite Materials
Abstract:The carbon fibers / rubber composite films were fabricated by compression molding method with butyl rubber (IIR) as matrix and carbon fiber...
Authors: Xiang Wang, He Yi Ge, Hua Shi Liu
Chapter 7: Composite Materials
Abstract:To improve the mechanical properties and the MR effect of MRE, we use flexible epoxy as the matrix of MRE. It shows that both the mechanical...
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