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Authors: Jian Quan Li, Ming Zhu Gong, Guo Zhong Li
Chapter 8: Constructional Materials
Abstract:The influences of saline waterproof agent composed of carboxylic acid sodium (RCOONa),...
Authors: Juan Chen, Shui Zhang, Jian Ye Liu, Xin Rui Zhou
Chapter 8: Constructional Materials
Abstract:The effect of VAE latex modification on the physical properties of cement mortar is investigated. The porosity problem in cement mortar...
Authors: Dong Dong Wang, Wei Li Tian, Cheng Qi Wang
Chapter 8: Constructional Materials
Abstract:Experiments on adiabatic temperature rise are systematically carried out in this paper, the characteristics of adiabatic temperature rise of...
Authors: Liang Shi, Jian Zhong Liu, Jia Ping Liu
Chapter 8: Constructional Materials
Abstract:The influence of polymer coating on the shrinkage of cement-based materials is comparatively analyzed in this paper. First of all, the...
Authors: Dan Ying Gao, Hua Fan, Jie Lei
Chapter 8: Constructional Materials
Abstract:Based on the experiments on 4 specimens with the dimension of 700mm×700mm and different thickness, the failure mode and anti-crack...
Authors: Wei Hao Zhang, Guo Zhong Li
Chapter 8: Constructional Materials
Abstract:Gypsum and vesicant were used to manufacture foamed gypsum by physical foaming. The effect of different components of vesicant on the...
Authors: Jie Jing Sun, Chao Nan Yin, Yong Jie Liu, Shi Quan Liu
Chapter 8: Constructional Materials
Abstract:Effect of different blending amount of LaCrO3, a composite additive, on the hydration resistance and crystallization properties of...
Authors: Wang Lin Li, Ying Te Li, Jian Ying Yu
Chapter 8: Constructional Materials
Abstract:Concrete lining is commonly used in large channel project to fixup soil slope and prevent channel seepage. Concrete lining is a type of thin...
Authors: Bao Guo Ma, Hui Xian Wang, Jia Xiao, Li Xia Li, Zhi Bin Cheng
Chapter 8: Constructional Materials
Abstract:Viscosity modifying admixtures (VMA), known as an important component, are water-soluble polymers that can increase the viscosity and...
Authors: Shi Shuang Sun, Yan Min Wang, Ai Qin Zhang
Chapter 8: Constructional Materials
Abstract:In order to decrease the disadvantageous effect of ultraviolet light to asphalt, nano-scaled TiO2 was selected as modifier to...
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