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Authors: Li Bo Yu, Zhi Ping Xu, Guo Wei Dong, Yuan Na Zhu
Chapter 8: Constructional Materials
Abstract:The effects of MoO3 additives on the clinkers mineral formation of portland cement were investigated by X-ray diffraction,scanning...
Authors: Hong Zhou Jiang, Qiang Hao, Jian Zhou, Juan Juan Li
Chapter 8: Constructional Materials
Abstract:Dicalcium silicate, whose chemical formula is Ca2SiO4 = 2CaO·SiO2, is a typical cementitious mineral phase,...
Authors: Pi Qi Zhao, Wen Zong, Shou De Wang, Gui Yun Wang, Ling Chao Lu
Chapter 8: Constructional Materials
Abstract:The mineral structure and performance of belite-barium calcium sulphoaluminate cement clinkers were investigated by petrographic analysis,...
Authors: Bharathi Ganesh, H Sharada Bai, Ramaswamy Nagendra, Shivaram Bagade
Chapter 8: Constructional Materials
Abstract:Consequent upon increased generation of electricity through thermal route involving combustion of pulverized coal/ignite, concurrent...
Authors: Wen Jie Tan, Jun Chang, Zheng Mao Ye
Chapter 8: Constructional Materials
Abstract:This paper discussed the main clinker minerals and their optimal proportion of Ba-bearing aluminoferrite cement. The results show that the...
Authors: Zhi Dong Zhao, Yao Xie, Xian Su Cheng, Yan Qiao Jin, Ming Yang Xu
Chapter 8: Constructional Materials
Abstract:In this paper, a series of enzymatic hydrolysis lignin modified petroleum asphalts were prepared. The physical properties such as softening...
Authors: Jing Li, Xian Feng Qu, Lin Fu Wang, Chong Qing Zhu, Juan Li
Chapter 8: Constructional Materials
Abstract:In order to study cubic compressive strength of recycled coarse aggregates-filled concrete systematically, recycled coarse aggregates with...
Authors: Pei Ming Wang, Wei Pan
Chapter 8: Constructional Materials
Abstract:On condition of formulating malic acid (Malic) with super plasticizers (SPs), the hydration heat of α-calcium sulfate hemihydrate (α-HH) was...
Authors: Xiu Zhi Zhang, Chao Shun Han, Xue Yin
Chapter 8: Constructional Materials
Abstract:Effect of the different contents of limestone power (LSP) in manufactured-sand (MS) is investigated in respect of the workability, setting...
Authors: Gui Yun Wang, Ling Chao Lu, Shou De Wang, Pi Qi Zhao
Chapter 8: Constructional Materials
Abstract:In order to enhance the ability of sulfate resistance of the coastal engineering, the effects of hydroxyapatite, shell and calcium carbonate...
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