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Authors: Yu Yin Wang, Guo Zhong Li
Chapter 7: Composite Materials
Abstract:Cornstalk fibers were modified with surface modification and the properties of cornstalk fiber/gypsum composites was studied. The results...
Authors: Xue Feng, Feng Zhu Lv, Yi He Zhang, Yue Ying Wu
Chapter 7: Composite Materials
Abstract:A series of organic-vermiculite/polyimide (OVMT/PI) hybrid films were successfully prepared by in situ polymerization using...
Authors: Wen Lai Zhang, Xin Wang, Chao Hong Liu, Gui Jun Jiang, Qiu Ju Zheng
Chapter 7: Composite Materials
Abstract:In this paper, the prepared LaPO4/Al2O3 composite ceramics were ground by the surface grinding machine. The...
Authors: De Liang Jin, Zhi Xiong Huang, Yong Zhou
Chapter 7: Composite Materials
Abstract:This text have studied the effect of electrical properties of sheet molding compound (SMC), by adding different amount of Aluminum hydroxide...
Authors: Zhen Hai Yang, Yong Zhen Zhang, Fu Xiao Chen, Bao Shangguan
Chapter 7: Composite Materials
Abstract:A novel model of steady-state sliding wear with electrical current was created, which gives an accurate relational expression of three...
Authors: Bu Ming Chen, Zhong Cheng Guo, Hui Huang
Chapter 7: Composite Materials
Abstract:Composite α-PbO2 coatings with addition of different solid particles were prepared on A1/conductive coating electrodes in 4M NaOH...
Authors: Dong Mei Li, Zhong Zhen Tian, Pei Feng Wei
Chapter 7: Composite Materials
Abstract:M-MCM-41 (M = Al, Cu, Cr, Ti) were synthesized by hydrothermal method and characterized by XRD. Rhodamine B molecules were encapsulated into...
Authors: Heng Long Zhang, Jian Ying Yu, Zheng Gang Feng
Chapter 7: Composite Materials
Authors: Yan Jun Wang, Bin Wang, Li Ying Yang, Shou Ren Wang
Chapter 7: Composite Materials
Abstract:Powder metallurgy derived microporous Al2O3/FeCrWMoV metal ceramic preforms were infiltrated with 60Pb40Sn based solid...
Authors: Ming Yan, Yan Lin Chen, Ying Chang, Jiu Xin Jiang, Bing Chu Mei
Chapter 7: Composite Materials
Abstract:The isothermal oxidation behaviors at 800-1000°C for 20h in air of bulk Ti2AlN and Ti2AlN/TiN were investigated by TG,...
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