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Authors: Fu Guang Lu, Yu Lei Xi, Zhen Lv, Lu Lu Fan, Hua Min Qiu, Chuan Nan Luo
Chapter 6: Polymer Materials
Abstract:Molecular imprinting technology was employed to produce one kind of Phenylalanine ( Phe) molecularly imprinted polymers (MIP)by precipitation...
Authors: Zhen Lv, Fu Guang Lu, Lu Lu Fan, Hua Min Qiu, Chuan Nan Luo
Chapter 6: Polymer Materials
Abstract:The synthesis chitosan modified by N,N-dimethylformamide(DMF) grafted β-CD (CTS), adsorption experiments of lanthanide ions, a new type water...
Authors: Hua Min Qiu, Chuan Nan Luo, Lu Lu Fan, Zhen Lv, Fu Guang Lu
Chapter 6: Polymer Materials
Abstract:In this paper, molecular imprinted polymer for quercetin was synthesized by precipitation polymerization with acrylamide as functional...
Authors: Wei Guo Yao, Yu Xi Jia, Xiao Xia Wang
Chapter 6: Polymer Materials
Abstract:On the basis of kinetic equations constructed in the isothermal vulcanization of natural rubber (NR), a new numerical computation expression...
Authors: Yu Wang, Zhi Yong Lu, Yu Gui Han, Yu Jun Feng, Chong Li Tang
Chapter 6: Polymer Materials
Abstract:Polymer flooding represents one of the most efficient processes to enhance oil recovery, but the poor thermostability and salt tolerance of...
Authors: Xiao Mei Tong, Min Zhang, Ming Zheng Yang
Chapter 6: Polymer Materials
Abstract:The curing process of self-healing microcapsules containing epoxy resin was studied with different shell material such as Poly...
Authors: De Jin Zang, Lei Ge, Pei Ni Zhao, Jing Hua Yu, Jia Dong Huang
Chapter 6: Polymer Materials
Abstract:One novel highly cross-linked, shape-controllable molecularly imprinted sol-gel film (MISF) with good thermal and chemical stability and...
Authors: Yan Bin Feng, Hao Ren, Juan Wang
Chapter 6: Polymer Materials
Abstract:A technical condition for the reaction of preparing superabsorbent by orthogonal test was investigated. Test results were as follows:...
Authors: Mei Yan, Wei Qiang Gao, Shen Guang Ge, Jia Dong Huang, Jing Hua Yu
Chapter 6: Polymer Materials
Abstract:A Novel Polyfluorene Derivative, Poly[(9,9-Bis(3'-(N,N-Dimethylamino)propyl)-2,7- Fluorene)-Alt-2,7-(9,9- P-Divinylbenzene)] (P-1) Was...
Authors: Kui Lin Deng, Hai Bin Zhong, Yu’e Shi, Jian Zuo, Chun Yan Jiang, Na Li, Xiao Jing Ji, Peng Fei Zhang, Xiao Bo Ren
Chapter 6: Polymer Materials
Abstract:A novel thermo-sensitive poly(N-acryloyl alanine methyl ester) (PAAME) was synthesized by radical polymerization. The structures of...
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