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Authors: Ru Wang, Pei Ming Wang
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:This paper summarizes the function of styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) in cement-based materials, focusing on the achievements of the authors...
Authors: Jun Sheng Sun, Ling Feng Zhang, Feng Bo Li
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:In this paper, a type of high efficient ultra-thick high-chromium cast iron surfacing flux-cored wire with a diameter of 6mm is designed. To...
Authors: Chong Cai Zhang, Qun Qun Yuan, Quan Wang, Zhi Yong Sheng, Long Wang
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:The W-Ti-Co powders was doped different content of TaC with an average particle size of 270nm were prepared by 72 hours high-energy ball...
Authors: Chong Cai Zhang, Wei Xing Wu, Quan Wang, Long Wang
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:The paper studied the microstructure and properties of new aluminum-based sliding bearing alloy, which Cu, Ni, Mg, Sn, Ti, B... elements were...
Authors: Xiao Feng Huang, K. Feng, Y. Ma, F.Y Yan, Ti Jun Chen
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:A new magnesium alloy, named as Mg-6Zn-6Al(ZA66), using for thixoforming production has been developed. The microstructure of the material...
Authors: Min Zuo, Xiang Fa Liu
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:Series of Al–P master alloys including binary Al–P and Al–Si/Zr–P master alloys containing pre-formed phosphides have been developed....
Authors: Wen Bin Su, Tao Li, Xiang Bing Sun, Bao Jian Liu
Chapter 6: Polymer Materials
Abstract:In this paper, the regularity of thickness thinning was analyzed from the perspective of controlling the plastic deformation energy during...
Chapter 6: Polymer Materials
Abstract:Removed at author request due to unrepeatable results
Authors: Chang Hong Su, You Qian Xu, Cheng Feng Li, Ri Min Cong, Hong Sheng Tan
Chapter 6: Polymer Materials
Abstract:A series of superhydrophobic films comprised of polyurethane elastomer with different mechanical property was fabricated via polymer replica,...
Authors: Lu Lu Fan, Chuan Nan Luo, Hua Min Qiu, Zhen Lv, Fu Guang Lu
Chapter 6: Polymer Materials
Abstract:A new kind of fluorescence spectrometry method for the determination of Rutin has been developed in the presence of...
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