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Authors: Wei Chen, Zi Xing Lu
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:The face-centered cubic model is used to investigate the dynamic crushing behavior of high density closed-cell foams. The influences of the...
Authors: De Feng Mo, Guo Qiu He, Da Fu Liu, Zheng Yu Zhu
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:Mechanical fatigue tests were conducted on specimens of A356-T6 casting alloys under multi-axial cyclic loadings with 5 loading paths...
Authors: Yuan Bin Zhang, Bai Ying Huang, Huai Xue Li
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:TiAl based intermetallic compound claddings were produced on TA15 alloy surface by using laser depositing technology to melt Ti-46Al-2Cr...
Authors: Hai Jun Huang, Ti Jun Chen, Ying Ma, Yuan Dong Li, Yuan Hao
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:The microstructures and kinetic characteristics have been studied during heat treatment of AM60B alloy prepared by thixoforming. The results...
Authors: Xiu Chun Wang, Mu Sen Li, Qing Gang Li, Jing Zhang, Jie Ma
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:Mechanical energy aided aluminizing process was applied on 1Cr18Ni9 stainless steel. Aluminized layer of 30-180μm was obtained after heat...
Authors: Xiao Qiang Li, Ke Hu, Zhi Cheng Chen, Hong Wei Xin
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:The effects of sintering temperature on the properties of W-9.8Ni-4.2Fe alloys fabricated by spark plasma sintering were studied. The peak,...
Authors: Qian Qian Zhong, Lei Qin, Shi Feng Huang, Xin Cheng
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:This study adopted home-made embedded piezoelectric transducers and external commercial ultrasonic transducers respectively to monitor early...
Authors: Hai Yan Yuan, Ming Zhe An, Fang Fang Jia, Zhi Gang Yan
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:Based on uniaxial tensile test, the complete uniaxal tensile stress-strain curve of Reactive Powder Concrete (the steel fiber content by...
Authors: Yan Guo Liu
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:The cleavage fracture behaviors are studied in notched specimens of a low alloy hot rolled steel 16MnR. The results show that two types of...
Authors: Xing Jun Xu, Yun Long Yue, Hai Tao Zhang, Zhao Du
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:CaO-Al2O3-SiO2 system glasses with MgO were prepared by melt quenching. The glass structure was...
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