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Authors: Ji Jiang Wu, Jin Xia Gao
Chapter 4: Superconductive and Magnetic Materials
Abstract:The transmission properties of Thue-Morse quasi-periodic one-dimensional photonic crystals (1DPCs) containing superconducting material are...
Authors: Fang Quan Xia, Yan Ni Yuan
Chapter 4: Superconductive and Magnetic Materials
Abstract:A sensitive immunoassay based on immunomagnetic beads for measuring carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) concentration in cancer cells was...
Authors: Qing Bao Ren, Zhen Chun Zhou, Jun Zheng, Meng Bo Luo
Chapter 4: Superconductive and Magnetic Materials
Abstract:The dynamics of a two-dimensional vortex system in superconductors with periodic artificial columnar pinning is studied. The ground state at...
Authors: Jian An Liu, Mei Mei Zhang, Yan Fei Zhang, Shu Jiang Liu
Chapter 4: Superconductive and Magnetic Materials
Abstract:Nano-hexaferrite SrFe12O19 has been prepared using the aqueous solution method. The structure and magnetic properties...
Authors: Li Sun, Fu Tian Liu, Qi Hui Jiang, Xiu Xiu Chen, Ping Yang
Chapter 4: Superconductive and Magnetic Materials
Abstract:Core/shell type nanoparticles with an average diameter of 20nm were synthesized by chemical precipitation method. Firstly, Monodisperse...
Authors: Li Li Cao, Yi Yong Chen, Chan Juan Lin, Ze Bin Shen, Fei Yun Guo, Jing Ye, Jian Zhong Chen
Chapter 4: Superconductive and Magnetic Materials
Abstract:Triclinic and hexagonal structure of TbBO3 was synthesized by Sol-Gel combustion method and high temperature solid state method...
Authors: Jing Li, Xiao Hong Fan, De Ming Sun
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:Fe-28Al and Fe-28Al-10Ti alloys were prepared by mechanical alloying and hot pressing. The phases and dry sliding wear behavior were studied....
Authors: Hui Han, Hua Ming Miao, Sheng Fa Liu, Yang Chen
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:Experiments were conducted to fabricate the Al4C3 particles by powder in-situ synthesis process under argon atmosphere and examine...
Authors: Jian Xin Zhang, Hiroshi Harada
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:Dislocation configurations in two single-crystal superalloys during high-temperature low-stress creep (1100°C, 137 MP) were illustrated...
Authors: Hua Qu, Wei Dong Liu
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:Based on the empirical electron theory of solids and molecules theory(EET), the valence electron structures(VESs) of the strengthening phases...
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