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Authors: Sheng Li Li, Xing Dong Peng, Yu Chen
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:To study the transmutation of organization and texture on direct annealing process of hot-rolled plate. Different annealing experiments were...
Authors: Feng Yun Yan, Xiao Feng Huang, Bo Li, Ying Ma
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:Based on microstructure evolution of Mg-20Al-0.8Zn magnesium alloys realized by semisolid isothermal heat-treatment (SSIT), we obtained the...
Authors: Wen Jun Chen, Chi Bin Gui, Ji Sun
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:Electrodes can absorb moisture easily so that the diffusible hydrogen is quite high in the weld bead. Fe3O4 powder is...
Authors: Jun Li, Yan Wei Sui, Ai Hui Liu, Xin Zhao, Zhi Sun
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:Al-Cu alloy castings are obtained in the vertical centrifugal field. The effects of solution treatment on the microstructures and mechanical...
Authors: Fei Chen, Jia Qing Chen, Hai Zhou
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:The structure made of alloying and coating layers of TiN was achieved on the surface of 20CrNiMo steel by the needle-shape cathode glow...
Authors: Jian Hong Wang, Jun Cheng, Pei Kang Bai, Yu Xin Li
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:Laser surface cladding of Ti-6Al-4V alloy by Ti+C+Al powders (Titanium and carbon powders with an atomic ratio of 1:1 were mixed with...
Authors: Fei Sun, Jian Xin Zhang
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:Addition of Ru in Ni-base single crystal superalloys had been used to improve the elevated temperature strength and other multiple...
Authors: Ke Liang Ren, Yan Dong, Yan Chang Wang
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:To consider the material properties of functional gradient plate structure change along the thickness, in this paper, the wavelet method is...
Authors: Wei Qun Cao, Li Tian, Tie Jun Zhao
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:Strain-hardening cement-based composites (SHCC) resist increased tensile stress after first crack formation, over a significant range of...
Authors: Xin Ying Teng, Teng Liu, Guo Rong Zhou, Li Yan Liu
Chapter 5: Structural Materials
Abstract:Series of AZ91 alloy samples are prepared by adding different levels of Mg-Zn-Y quasicrystal master alloy under normal casting condition. The...
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