Emerging Focus on Advanced Materials

Volumes 306-307

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.306-307

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Authors: Li Ping Li, Shu Cai Li, Jin Sheng Cui, Zhao Li

Abstract: Sudden water inflow is the typical geological hazard during the construction period of underground, especially for the karst area. According...

Authors: Juan Chen, Jian Ye Liu, He Yi Ge

Abstract: In this paper, emulsion type sizing agents for carbon fiber were prepared by epoxy resin with the aid of various emulsifiers. Effects of...

Authors: Xu Dan Dang, Xin Li Wang, Hong Song Zhang, Jun Xiao

Abstract: In this article the finite element software was used to analyse the values for compressive strength of X-cor sandwich. During the analysis,...

Authors: Hui Bin Xu, Quan Xiang Luo, Liang Xing, Bo Fang Zhou, You Liang Zeng, Chang Hua Du

Abstract: This paper explores the brazing process of SiCp/A356 composites and aluminum alloy using semisolid metal. The two substrates were...

Authors: Si Rong Yu, Yan Liu, Jia An Liu, Dong Sheng Yuan

Abstract: The eletrodeposition nano-TiO2/Ni composite coating on AZ91PH Mg alloy was prepared using the nano-TiO2 as the second...

Authors: Jian Min Hao, Dong Xiao Li, Hong Chen, Lian Ping Li

Abstract: In this paper, army-green ceramic coating has been obtained by Micro-arc Oxidation, a study of the effects of terminal voltage and colored...

Authors: Juan Chen, Jian Ye Liu, Dong Zhi Wang, Xin Rui Zhou

Abstract: Emulsion type sizing agent for carbon fiber was synthesized using epoxy resin (E-51) and epoxidized polybutadiene (EPB) by adding...

Authors: Xian Qin Hou, Jian Ye Liu, He Yi Ge

Abstract: The physical and mechanical properties of alumina (Al2O3) ceramics by introduction of zirconia (ZrO2) fiber...

Authors: Shui Zhang, Guo Zhong Li, Hai Yan Yuan

Abstract: This work aims to evaluate the effect of Kevlar fibers with chemical treatment on the flexural strength, compressive strength and impact...

Authors: Hai Yan Yuan, Min Rong Liu, Guo Zhong Li

Abstract: This work aims to evaluate the effect of cotton stalk fibers with styrene acrylic emulsion treatment, slag and ordinary Portland cement on...


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