Emerging Focus on Advanced Materials

Volumes 306-307

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AMR.306-307

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Authors: Hong Chao Luo, Jun Mei Yang, Li Yuan Sun, Li Ping Ju

Abstract: In the present work, the MCF model for semisolid metal slurries (SSMS) is applied to investigate the thixotropy of the Al-6.5wt%Si alloy...

Authors: Ai Ping Jin, Zhao Hui Wan, Kai Chen Lei

Abstract: Charged Au nanoparticles with various diameters, from 2.7 nm to 10.3 nm, were synthesized by using various reducing agents. Then charged Au...

Authors: You Zeng, Li Jia Zhao, Ying Zhen, Fang Xiao Shi, Yu Tong

Abstract: Flexible dye-sensitized solar cells (DSCs) were prepared by using carbon nanotube transparent conductive films (CNT-TCFs) as flexible...

Authors: Masahiko Demura, Ya Xu, Toshiyuki Hirano

Abstract: This article presents the texture evolution and the ductility improvement of the cold-rolled foils of boron-free Ni3Al during the...

Authors: Jin Long Liu, Gao Feng Wu, Hong Tao Liu

Abstract: The formidable and multivariate coal-mining conditions during the production often lead to various improper damage and inactivation of guide...

Authors: Yu Chao Niu, Guo Wei Huang, Ying Chen, Wen Wen Dou, De Ming Sun, Jing Li

Abstract: In order to reduce the reflection of solar collector cover tube and improve its transmissivity, a kind of SiO2 anti-reflective...

Authors: Toshiyuki Hirano, Ya Xu, Masahiko Demura

Abstract: This paper presents the characteristic features of the catalytic properties of the cold-rolled Ni3Al foils for methanol...

Authors: Wei Dong Yin, Gui Lian Li, Xian Ming Liu

Abstract: NiO/Ni nanocomposites were prepared by chemically reduction-oxidation process in tetra-ethylene glycol (TEG) solution. The structure and...

Authors: Wu Tsan Wu, Jing Shan Do

Abstract: Metal hydride (MH) alloy (MmNi3.81Mn0.41Al0.19Co0.76) is modified by the electroless nickel...

Authors: Chuan Cheng Zhang, Hai Jun Lu, Zhan Wen He

Abstract: The combustion characteristics of some biomass samples, such as rice straw and its cellulose, were investigated. Non-isothermal...


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