Equipment Manufacturing Technology and Automation

Volumes 317-319

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dong Ming Li, Shu Hai Jia, Ji Wang

Abstract: In a continuing effort to develop a noninvasive means of monitoring glucose levels using many methods. In this paper a laser, closed-loop,...

Authors: Yan Li Fu, Wei Ping Hu

Abstract: The future development trend of industrial design is prospected, and the indispensable status of the function and modeling of the...

Authors: Li Yan Feng, Ming Yu Tian, Chun Hua Liu, Teng Liu, Zhi Hao Ma

Abstract: Owing to the spiral bevel gear has a complex geometrical shape, a great number of parameters and a complicated calculation process, a...

Authors: Yong Zhang Zhou, Min Liu, Xin Ni, Dong Sheng Chen, Wu Ji Wei

Abstract: Hysteretic loops were used to study the influence of several ions in sedimentary water of oil tank on local corrosion at the bottom of crude...

Authors: Li Zhang, Lei Chen, Lu Tie Xu, Wen Ping Chang

Abstract: The control center test signal of a new type of intelligent ammunition was analyzed, basing on which a scheme for simulating the detection...

Authors: Yong Li Ma, Xuan Zeng, Jin Li

Abstract: In the vehicle license plate recognition system, accurate position of license plate is a key step. By analyzing the texture of license...

Authors: Qin Li

Abstract: Different contents of building residues and whether soil stabilizer is added or not can affect the microstructure of the solidified mass,...

Authors: Zhi Quan Kuang

Abstract: This paper studies swinging rule of the fourth spindle in Four-axis vertical CNC machining center relying on the vertical axis head. Through...

Authors: Xian Qing Xiong, Zhi Hui Wu

Abstract: Starting with the characteristics of digital factory’s information system, the article mainly analyzes the composition of information...

Authors: Jin Gang Wang, Zuo Peng Zhang, Hao Jiang, Jin Hong Tang, Cong Han Liu

Abstract: A novel electroscope to detect the electrification state of ultra-high voltage power apparatuses using ultra-violet pulse detection is...


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