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Authors: Xian Wen Miao, Gen Fu Yuan
Abstract: The higher engineering education of our country facing the challenge of Manufacturing Globalization, the urgent mission Is to cultivate the engineers who has international vision. Considering this, engineering universities reform of personnel training mode one after another, actively learn from the advanced experience of foreign countries, promoting practical teaching to the important position. Considering the objective of cultivation of our university which is to cultivate the high-quality applied talents, putting the CDIO engineering education philosophy as a guide, this article researches the problems such as practice teaching position and how to cultivate the Engineering consciousness, engineering practice and innovative ability of students in each teaching process of engineer training.
Authors: Wang Jie Niu, Er Guang Qu, Chun Yan Liu
Abstract: Genetic algorithm optimize weight’s volume of Neural Networks by optimizing learning rate and inertia coefficient, which overcome the BP algorithmic shortcoming of easy into the part extreme, and have ensured BP algorithmic training accuracy, and makes it have higher self-adaptability and self-learning ability.
Authors: Pan Zhang, Lei Chen
Abstract: In order to study changes in the quantity of different denitrifying bacteria during the process of the metal membrane bioreactor, and to determine the relationship between different types of bacteria’s quantity and the treating water quality, the fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) dominant molecular biological technologies were used in this study to explore different denitrifying bacteria populations in the active sludge in the denitrification tank on the immersed plate-type metal membrane bioreactor. The study result implies that the addition involvement of the denitrification tank is enormous beneficial to the growth of all bacteria and nitrifying bacteria, meanwhile the removal rate of total nitrogen and ammonia nitrogen is improved as well.
Authors: Xiao Qing Hu, Yun Fang Gao
Abstract: This paper deeply discussed consumer kansei system and demand, based on Kansei Engineering system; it researched method of product system design. This method used application theory of Kansei Engineering: consumer decision-aid system and designer decision-aid system, which investigated consumers’ preference adjectives in terms of kansei image, then used product system design, and outputted corresponding specific form of product system. On the other hand, product system designed by designers would induce the awareness of consumers for products, thus it affected consumers’ preferences, finally it worked out with product system which matched with consumer demand, and guided follow-up product design.
Authors: Ya Hui Lin, Ke Gang Wu, Xiang Hua Chai, Shao Shu Zhong
Abstract: In order to investigate complex spice essential oils used in pasteuriged minced ham sausage (PMHS) as a novel food preservative, the studies were done as followed: firstly, we selected the optimal boil treatment to minimize SEO concentration and get the desired effect. Then, the research was done to investigate the maximum acceptable concentration of SEO used in PMHS, followed by the experiments to choose the suitable solvent from its impact on antibacterial activities and flavor on PMHS. The comparison of the antimicrobial efficacy of SEO with potassium sorbate and nisin was also studied. The results showed that the optimal boil treatment was hold the core temperature of PMHS at 85°C for 40 min. Considering the original flavor, 100uL/kg was the largest dosage. For more durable preservation and the best flavor, we used Arabica gum to emulsify diluted essential oils. The preservative effect of 100uL/kg complex spice essential oils in PMHS was better than 1500 ug/kg potassium sorbate, worse than equal dosage of nissin. In conclusion, complex spice essential oils was a suitable and efficient preservative for PMHS.
Authors: Ying Liang Yu, Feng Qin Ding, Zhi Yi Miao, De Qing Yang
Abstract: Abstract: numerical control system is used to control the gear hob and gear blank in autorotation and linkage generative movement, to realize the machining of teeth shape and teeth dividing; and at the same time it controls the vertical displacement of the gear hob and the horizontal displacement of gear blank, to make a circular arc track whose radius is the sum of gear blank’s radius and gear hob’s radius, thus realizing the NC machining of circular-arc aligned gear. Before and after the machining of teeth form, transition arc is used to finish the trimming and thinning of the teeth thickness at the teeth end; on the prerequisite of machining the circular-arc aligned gear, this method successfully solves the puzzle of gear chamfering, and discharges all gear burr into the lower end of the teeth. The advantage of this machining method lies in that when the hob cuts deeper, as the both side-blades are cutting the work-piece at the same time, the thinning on both sides are quite symmetrical, and the fine symmetry remains during the uniform change of the teeth thickness. So, the machining precision of the parts is prior to the requirements in the drawing, and this method yields good effect, which broadens the application of NC technology.
Authors: Ying Xue Zhang, Zhao Hui Liu, Ben Peng Li
Abstract: Typical asphalt pavement structure of freeway integrates the advantages of experience method and theory method. It is the pavement structure combinating of different regions pavement projects experience which considers the factors of natural conditions, vehicle load, material supply, construction technique and maintenance operations and so on. This paper contains site detection and evaluation of the performance of 8 kinds of asphalt pavement structure testing roads of Chang-Ji freeway in Hunan Province, using five indicators of rebound deflection, flatness, friction coefficient, structure depth and seep coefficient and so on. We carry on tracking observation about the pavement’s performance for 2 years continuously. The results showed that the typical asphalt pavement structure testing sections of Chang-Ji freeway have been built successfully and pavement performance is good.
Authors: Xue Yong Chen, Shi Guo Chen, Jian Zhong Ruan
Abstract: In the paper the coiling process of Electrical motor stator iron core and its present condition are introduced. The coiling mechanism of inner stator iron core is analyzed. How to get the coiling parameters: pitch of tooth tape and recover value of coiling by FEM is discussed in details. It is verified by the results obtained from FEM, which shows an accurate agreement. The inefficient and high-cost problem experimental approach to find the operation parameters is avoided.
Authors: Wei Yang, Cheng Cai Duan, Jian Xi Qiu, Ji Ming Sun
Abstract: To overcome the crack problem of thin wall structure of harmonic gear transmission─ flexspline, we develop a transient dynamic analysis model for B1-50-80 harmonic gear transmission. Based on large displacement and large strain theory, the transient stress state of the flexspline is analyzed under maximum rated conditions. The distribution law of transient stress is obtained when the amplitude of stress histories on flexspline gear changes in sine form and the change process of stress of flexspline gear ring are from top to bottom. We observe that over-stress of flexspline on tube gradually decreases along the axis and the stress distribution between flexspline and flexspline gear ring becomes a certain slant due to force irregularly on flexspline tooth in the axial direction. The maximum Von Mises stresses appears in the contact regions between flexspline gear ring and wave generator. Therefore, cracks will originate from the dedendum regions of flexspline, then extend along the axis, and finally expand along 45°.
Authors: Da Ye Yu, Gui Lan Yu
Abstract: Abstract Based on the thin plate theory and the transfer matrix method, the vibration propagation in periodical orthotropic single-leaf rib-stiffened panels is studied. The localization factors of the ordered and disordered periodic systems are calculated. The numerical results show that the anisotropy of the plate affects the propagation of vibration in the pannels. With the relative bending rigidity increasing, or with the relative torsional rigidity increasing, the width of stopbands increases in low dimenionless frequencies. The vibration localization phenomenon occurs in the span-length disordered periodic structures and it is enhanced with the increasing disorder of span-length.

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