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Authors: Xian Wen Miao, Gen Fu Yuan
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:The higher engineering education of our country facing the challenge of Manufacturing Globalization, the urgent mission Is to cultivate the...
Authors: Wang Jie Niu, Er Guang Qu, Chun Yan Liu
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:Genetic algorithm optimize weight’s volume of Neural Networks by optimizing learning rate and inertia coefficient, which overcome the BP...
Authors: Pan Zhang, Lei Chen
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:In order to study changes in the quantity of different denitrifying bacteria during the process of the metal membrane bioreactor, and to...
Authors: Xiao Qing Hu, Yun Fang Gao
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:This paper deeply discussed consumer kansei system and demand, based on Kansei Engineering system; it researched method of product system...
Authors: Ya Hui Lin, Ke Gang Wu, Xiang Hua Chai, Shao Shu Zhong
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:In order to investigate complex spice essential oils used in pasteuriged minced ham sausage (PMHS) as a novel food preservative, the studies...
Authors: Ying Liang Yu, Feng Qin Ding, Zhi Yi Miao, De Qing Yang
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:Abstract: numerical control system is used to control the gear hob and gear blank in autorotation and linkage generative movement, to realize...
Authors: Ying Xue Zhang, Zhao Hui Liu, Ben Peng Li
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:Typical asphalt pavement structure of freeway integrates the advantages of experience method and theory method. It is the pavement structure...
Authors: Xue Yong Chen, Shi Guo Chen, Jian Zhong Ruan
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:In the paper the coiling process of Electrical motor stator iron core and its present condition are introduced. The coiling mechanism of...
Authors: Wei Yang, Cheng Cai Duan, Jian Xi Qiu, Ji Ming Sun
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:To overcome the crack problem of thin wall structure of harmonic gear transmission─ flexspline, we develop a transient dynamic analysis model...
Authors: Da Ye Yu, Gui Lan Yu
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:Abstract Based on the thin plate theory and the transfer matrix method, the vibration propagation in periodical orthotropic single-leaf...
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