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Authors: Wei Yu, Ju Long Yuan, Bing Hai Lv, Qian Fa Deng, Dun Liu
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:Abstract . The sliding states of precision ball is an important factor in lapping uniform. To study the sliding state of ball in Rotated...
Authors: Chang Hong Liu, Run Yang Zhong, Yi Er Yan, Xiao Hu
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:Complex Event Processing (CEP) is proposed in this paper to tackle the changeability, tense correlation, and association in massive data...
Authors: Long Fang Yi, Zhi Li, Jing Feng Mao, Ju Pin Gu, Yu Jian Qiang
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:To research the performance of hybrid excited doubly salient motor (HEDS) driven system, a HEDS mathematical model is derived and the...
Authors: Chang Rong Li, Zhen Yao, Zhao Hua Liang
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:Continuous casting process parameters such as casting speed, superheat, secondary cooling water flow rate have greatly affections to central...
Authors: Guang Zhu Chen, Cheng Ming Luo
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:The received signal strength indication (RSSI) is the key factor in the communication link for industry wireless sensor networks, while it is...
Authors: Liang Wei, Zhao Qin Yu, Le Le Zhang, Yong Jun Zhang
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:Planing-forming is a new process to machine fin heat sinks. This paper investigates the effects of the tool rake angle on the curved radius...
Authors: Zhen Nan Cao, Bo Shen
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:In this paper, a multi-body system dynamics problem is considered as a complex system modeling and computation problem. A parallel...
Authors: Yin Fei Yang, Ning He, Liang Li
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:The unknown and uneven macro-residual stresses in blanks will cause deformation on large-scale component, especially in non-prestretched...
Authors: Wen Liu
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:In recent years, the consumers’ demand for costumes tends to become environmental protection, security and health from traditional utility,...
Authors: Gang Chen, Hua Chen, Yu Bo Guo, Dong Ye
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:This paper presents and comparison two stereo vision sensor calibration methods: Volume template based calibration method and the calibration...
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