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Authors: Shu Xin Li, Yi Bo Wu, Yu Wei Shang, Wen Li Guo, Hui Qin Lian
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:Butyl rubber was synthesis by solution process in hexane-chloromethane mixed solvent using ethylaluminium sesquichloride/water as initiating...
Authors: Shi Ping Wu, Qin Xu, Xiang Xue
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:The present paper studied the as-cast structure and macrosegregation of the wedge-shaped castings produced vertical centrifugal casting...
Authors: G An, D. Y Ju, T Kumazawa, M Okasabe
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:This paper is mainly to describe coating method of MgO nano film with about 2nm and Bio-medicine materials on surface the magnetic...
Authors: Wei Liu, Li Zhu Wang
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:Subdivision technology provides a convenient way to represent smooth surfaces of arbitrary topological structures. The technology is now...
Authors: Shi Hua Li, Zhi Song Wang, Chang Cheng Yu, Wen Gong
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:Abstract. In this paper, a novel type of 2-UPU/2-URU asymmetric parallel mechanism is put forward, the degree of freedom and kinematics...
Authors: Zhi Yun Du, Zhi Kai Tang, Rong Qing Mo, Yu Jing Lu, Yong Fu Jiang, Gui Hua Xue, Kun Zhang
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:Silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) were rapidly synthesized by treating silver ions with the extract of a well-known Traditional Chinese Medicine...
Authors: Dian Liang Wang, Ji Wu Li, Mei Peng Zhong
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:The microstructures and properties of 20CrMo steel in rare earth catalysis and conventional carburization have been investigated by using the...
Authors: Yi Gong Zhang, Hong Hong Yan, Zhi Qi Liu, Jian Li Song, Yong Tang Li
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:In this paper, the first 80MN rapid forging hydraulic press in China was developed. The inclined double-column and pre-stress combined frame...
Authors: Jia Xiao, Cheng Fu Gou, Cai Yun Xu, Hao Xing, Yong Gang Jin
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:Effects of various amounts of ground limestone on the setting time, fluidity and compressive strength of high alumina cement were described...
Authors: Jing Qiang Zhang, Peng Guan, Chong Su, Wan Shan Wang
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:This paper used spatial random cutting plane method for modeling the real irregular grain shapes, and method of smoothed particle...
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