Equipment Manufacturing Technology and Automation

Volumes 317-319

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yue Zhang, Tong Jiang, Li Han, Qi Dong Li, Tai Li Sun, Xi Chuan Zhang

Abstract: Green cutting is one of the developing tends in the industry field. Water vapor can be introduced in metal cutting as coolant and lubricant...

Authors: Dao Hua Li, Xin Quan Xin

Abstract: The modified electrodes of Mo(W)-S-Ag cluster compounds films on silver surface were investigated by FT-IR, FT-Raman and XPS. The new...

Authors: Xian Xing Liu, Ming Yi Chen, Xiao Yan Shao, Zheng Qi Wang

Abstract: Bearingless induction motor is a multi-variable, nonlinear and strong coupled system. On the basis of working principle of bearingless...

Authors: Jong Seok Oh, Seung Bok Choi, Vien Quoc Nguyen, Seok Jun Moon, Sang Min Choi

Abstract: This paper proposes an active mount of naval ships in order to reduce unwanted vibrations. The active mount consists of rubber element and...

Authors: Han Jun Cho, Jong Seok Oh, Seung Bok Choi

Abstract: This study presents the configuration and modeling of haptic mater device for minimally invasive surgery (MIS) using ER fluid. The haptic...

Authors: Phuong Bac Nguyen, Seung Gu Lim, Seung Bok Choi

Abstract: This paper proposes a new brake featuring magneto-rheological (MR) fluid. The outstanding feature of the proposed MR brake is the...

Authors: Su Bo Tian, Li Chun Qiu

Abstract: Transplanting of plug seedling is one of the most important operations during vegetable and flower production. Due to the higher labor...

Authors: Xian Xing Liu, Xiao Yan Shao, Ming Yi Chen

Abstract: Due to the complex nonlinear coupling characteristics of non-bearing induction motor control system, the basic requirements to maintain the...

Authors: Yu Xin Sun, Ling Ding, Tao Shi, Xian Xing Liu

Abstract: According to magnetic suspension motorized spindle system, high speed motorized spindle system based on bearingless induction motor is...

Authors: Seung Gu Lim, Phuong Bac Nguyen, Seung Bok Choi

Abstract: This paper presents a new design of an electro-rheological (ER) fluid-based haptic master device that is used for a minimally invasive...


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