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Authors: Ding Feng, Si Huang, Li Luo, Wei Guo Ma
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:Many factors can have effect on flow field and performance, which makes the hydrocyclone design a complex work. Liquid’s viscosity is one of...
Authors: An Dong Jiang, Jiang Jin, Su Yang Ma, Zheng Peng Xia, Ping Liao
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:Abstract. The magnetic levitation linear feed unit is a new type of machine features. In machining, the tool and workpiece interaction force...
Authors: Zhi Qin Chen, Shan Shan Luo, Xiang Liang Chen, Ze Hua Zhou, Wen Kui Li
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:The different crystal (rutile, rutile-anntase-brookite, anatase, amorphous) titania were prepared by the hydrolysis of titanium tetrachloride...
Authors: Si Huang, Jun Guan
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:In this paper, a cavitation analysis model for centrifugal pump was applied to simulate a three-dimensional turbulent flow inside a whole...
Authors: Chang Wei Hu, Xin Du Chen, Li Hua Wu
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:In the mould manufacturing projects, there are large numbers of uncertainties, such as change of customer demand, change of drawing, bad...
Authors: Hui Wen Liu, Han Shui Wu, Xue Zheng Zhao
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:To response the call of “constructing an economical society” and saving electricity consumption of public places, this paper designs an...
Authors: Dong Ying Ju, Xin Mao Fu, Shun Na, Bing Han, Xiao Hu Deng
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:Water jet cavitation peening is applied to improve the strength and mechanical properties of the friction-welded joints of titanium alloys....
Authors: Li Li Xin, Nguyen Ho Anh Duc, Nguyen Hoang
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:This paper presents the design of calendering machine and experimental results of calendering process. A particular pattern was printed on...
Authors: Yong Wei Zhu, Jia Wen Xu
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:Lots of integral impellers are used in the new kinds of jets. The jet engine weight can be lightened much, and the thrust,work life and the...
Authors: Bing Yang Huang, Gang Liu, Zhi Gang Hua
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:This paper presents a thorough study of a certain CPP shafting and analyzes the shafting natural vibration characteristic using FEM. Simulate...
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