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Authors: Ho Chang, Yen Chen Chiu, Chou Wei Lan
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:The purpose of the study is to measure the maximum static friction and dynamic friction in the actuation process of pneumatic cylinder after...
Authors: Yun Bao Huang, Zi Rong Zeng, Shao En Jiang, Qi Fu Wang, Li Ping Chen
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:The symmetric implosion of the pellet is very important in an inertial confinement fusion (ICF) system. The evaluation of symmetric...
Authors: Rong Li, Mei Wei Jia, Wen Bo He, Ping Kui Li, Yong He, Guo Fu Ding
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:According to the development status of underground load-haul-dump vehicle (LHD) development, a virtual-prototyping oriented key research and...
Authors: Yong Li Zhang, Xun Zuo
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:Abstract: For the marine engineering construction of Sinochem Quanzhou Petrochemical Co., Ltd. the pollution of port sewage, wastewater,...
Authors: Kei Lin Kuo
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:Compared to conventional transmission layouts, Active continuously variable transmission (CVT) provides smoother gear shifting and gear ratio...
Authors: Shih Jeh Wu, Weike Vic Chao, Huei Sen Wang
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:Laser technology has been applied in more and more areas of research. With its fast growth, faster and cheaper solution can be found in...
Authors: Xiao Bin Pan, Yang Pan, Guo Ping Li
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:A temperature monitoring system for mechanical press’s bearing is presented. As multipoints of the cranks need to be monitored, the system is...
Authors: Ai Jiu Chen, Jing Wang, Zhan Fang Ge, Ming Wu
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:Adding fly ash to recycled concrete with super-substitute technique, comparing the 28d strength of fly ash recycled concrete(FARC) with the...
Authors: You Qiang Wang, Zhi Cheng He
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:A full transient elastohydrodynamic lubrication(EHL) solution of involute spur gears is obtained under impact load based on the multi-grid...
Authors: Yi Sheng Huang, Ter Chan Row
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:Petri nets are employed to model flexible manufacturing systems (FMSs). However, the system deadlocked are possible happened. The...
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