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Authors: Ji Dong Yang, Xin Chen
Abstract:This paper research on an electromechanical hydraulic mixture control system used in large scale die-forging press, based on the national...
Authors: Ji Dong Yang, Yan Zhang
Abstract:This paper research on a new fault detection method used in large scale die-forging press, based on the national major science and technology...
Authors: Chuan Chuan Hao, Zhou Fang, Ping Li, Bo Liu
Abstract:Hardware-in-loop simulation (HILS) is an important approach to the development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) systems. In this paper, a...
Authors: Bin Wei, Ji Bin Hu, Zeng Xiong Peng
Abstract:A novel vector control system of the split double-rotor motor based on indirect vector control principle has been proposed. The mathematic...
Authors: Yi Sheng Huang, Ho Shan Chiang
Industrial Robotics and Automation
Abstract:A novel approach for probabilistic timed structure that is based on combining the formalisms of timed automata and probabilistic automata...
Authors: Hai Tao Tang, Shun Pan Liang, Jian Tao Yao, Lian He Guo, Yong Sheng Zhao
Industrial Robotics and Automation
Abstract:The hardware control system of the 5-UPS/PRPU PMT (parallel machine tool) with redundant actuation was reconstructed to realize its hybrid...
Authors: Wei Ping Zhao, Dong Zhou Yu, Zhan Shuang Hu
Industrial Robotics and Automation
Abstract:In this paper, the main research direction of optimal control is aimed at mathematical model of small unmanned helicopter longitudinal...
Authors: Xi Feng Liang, Ben Yang
Industrial Robotics and Automation
Abstract:This paper presents a novel approach of the track following control for a 7 degrees-of-freedom (DOF) manipulator by ADAMS, which is to solve...
Authors: Wen Jia Chen, Lan Lei Zhao, Jiang Zhang
Industrial Robotics and Automation
Abstract:Though computer technology has brought about virtual manufacturing to expedite design and analysis through simulation and visualization,...
Authors: Shan Shan Han, Jin Yun Xu, Guo Zheng, Hua Ying Liang, Yu Sun
Industrial Robotics and Automation
Abstract:Nowadays, the stability of the mixed solution usually is improved by adding appropriate amount of emulsifier needed in many oil products, in...
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