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Authors: Jing Chao Zou, Liang Wen Wang, Xiao Hui Zhang, An Sheng Li
Industrial Robotics and Automation
Abstract:Because the structural and motion parameters errors, when the robot move in the ideal situation, actual posture of the robot is likely to...
Authors: Liang Wen Wang, Wei Gang Tang, Xin Jie Wang, Xue Wen Chen
Industrial Robotics and Automation
Abstract:The high order equation causing by analytic method in multi-legged robot forward kinematics analysis may have imaginary root, repeated root,...
Authors: Yan Jin, Yong Liang Zhou, Biao Chen
Machine Vision
Abstract:Non-contact Measurement of circular hole, which based on machine vision is already used for industrial applications. In this paper, a novel...
Authors: Sheng Yong Chen, Da Wei Liu, Xiao Yan Wang, Wei Huang, Qiu Guan
Machine Vision
Abstract:For acquisition of complete 3D models, this paper uses a rotational device to capture a set of image sequences. A direct projective...
Authors: Gui Liang Lu, Yu Zhou, Yao Yu, Si Dan Du
Machine Vision
Abstract:The detection of foreign substances in injection so far is still achieved artificially, which result in low accuracy and low efficiency. This...
Authors: Ying Huang, Qi Pan, Qi Liu, Xin Peng He, Yun Feng Liu, Yong Quan Yu
Machine Vision
Abstract:Machine vision is widely used in chip pin automation detection of defects, the accuracy of image edge extraction for detection result has...
Authors: Yin Hua Huang, Shi Qi Zhao
Machine Vision
Abstract:Localization of barcode is the key technology for barcode recognition. This paper presents an automatic localization algorithm for multiple...
Authors: Lei Yang, Gui Xi Liu, Peng Ju Chang
Machine Vision
Abstract:Visual positioning system is of great importance in the structure of PDP lighting inspection machine. This paper describes the overall...
Authors: Hao Wu, Xian Min Zhang, Yong Cong Kuang
Machine Vision
Abstract:In order to reduce the position error produced by single board assembly and partial uneven surface in automated optical inspection, a new...
Authors: Yan Xi Zhang, Xiang Dong Gao
Machine Vision
Abstract:Pedestrian detection, which has a wide application in surveillance, advanced robotics, and especially intelligent vehicles, is an important...
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