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Authors: Jun Feng Ming, Ren Huang Wang, Su Xiang Tang, Hong Jiang Liu
Machine Vision
Abstract:Extraction of feather defects is difficult because of their complicated and diversified characteristics. It is proposed that feather stain...
Authors: Hui Wang, Hong Chang Ke, Li Juan Zhang
Machine Vision
Abstract:Through developing intelligent system of human-like thinking, national defense, economic, education, culture and so on will be impact....
Authors: Hong Chang Ke, Hui Wang, De Gang Kong
Machine Vision
Abstract:Efficient encoding of visual perception has a profound influence on machine vision and research and development of human-like intelligent...
Authors: Shang Gao, Xing Long Zhu, Ji Ping Zhou, Xin Zhao, Nan Yin
Machine Vision
Abstract:Confirming the position in space of the camera axis and it perpendicular to the target surface has important significance for simplifying the...
Authors: Jiang Bo Li, Xiu Qin Rao, Yi Bin Ying
Machine Vision
Abstract:Computer vision is a rapid, consistent and objective inspection technique, which has expanded into many diverse industries. Its speed and...
Authors: Bao Song Deng, Rong Huan Yu, Tie Qing Deng, Ling Da Wu
Machine Vision
Abstract:A novel three dimensional reconstruction framework from wide baseline images was proposed based on point and line features. After detecting...
Authors: Fang Yuan Li
Machine Vision
Abstract:The internal radial tire defects will affect the performance and the service life of the automobile. But the traditional detection method is...
Authors: Peng Ge Ma, Lin Qi, Yi Liu, Qiu Chun Jin
Sensor Technology
Abstract:Using TBD to reduce the minimum detectable SNR can be used to detect weak targets of pulsed laser radar sensor. Firstly, the pretreatment...
Authors: Cheng Zhi Long, Jian Ping Luo, Hui Chen
Sensor Technology
Abstract:This paper gives an efficient VMIMO scheduling scheme for wireless sensor networks(WSNs) with a node selection algorithm. Scheduling...
Authors: Yun Cheng
Sensor Technology
Abstract:In background of the developing trend of the high-resolution remote sensing camera, the following paper presents some methods of reducing...
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