Equipment Manufacturing Technology and Automation

Volumes 317-319

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Huan Wang, Su Lin Shao

Abstract: This paper proposed a simple and robust lane markers detection method for intelligent vehicle navigation. It needs not calculate inverse...

Authors: Guo Feng Wang, Hang Li, Dong Hong Si, Yu Jun Xue, Hao Fan, Ji Shun Li

Abstract: In his article, we explore a method for measuring position and attitude parameters of protable three-coordinate equipment based on monocular...

Authors: Ming Jun Zhang, Yuan Yuan Wan, Zhen Zhong Chu

Abstract: The traditional centroid tracking method over-relies on the accuracy of segment, which easily lead to loss of underwater moving target. This...

Authors: Zhen Hua Zhao, Xiao Hong Hao

Abstract: A novel illumination compensate method is proposed in this paper to improve recognition performance. A modified lighting model called...

Authors: Zhen Hua Zhao, Xiao Hong Hao

Abstract: A method based on Bernoulli mixtures is presented in this paper for the purpose of describing the pattern of probability distribution for...

Authors: Su Mei Dai

Abstract: Liquid column manometers are widely used in fluid mechanics experiments, so the design and implementation of a remote experimental setup for...

Authors: Ying Lan Jiang, Ruo Yu Zhang, Jie Yu, Wan Chao Hu, Zhang Tao Yin

Abstract: Agricultural products quality which included intrinsic attribute and extrinsic characteristic, closely related to the health of consumer and...

Authors: Hong Jiang Liu, Ren Huang Wang, Jun Feng Ming, Xue Cong Li

Abstract: A defeat detection method for quill using the finite ridgelet transform is mentioned. This method reduce the average gray values of quill...

Authors: Wei Luo, Zhi Wei Li

Abstract: Several moving objects detection methods were compared and an improved method on the basis of consecutive frames difference was proposed....

Authors: Wu Yin Jin, Hong Ru Du, Xia Zhang, Jing Ping Hu

Abstract: A noncontact inspection system for gear based on machine vision is developed in this work, according to the mathematical model of lens...


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