Equipment Manufacturing Technology and Automation

Volumes 317-319

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hua Zhou, Jiao Yi Hou

Abstract: Holding the work piece for the forging press is the main task of the forging manipulator, and it is recognized as one of industry’s most...

Authors: Xiang Lu, Ke Sheng Meng, Xue Sen Chen

Abstract: With the development of civil aircraft engine health mangement system, the research of content of Health Management Technology for Civil...

Authors: Jing Chao Zou, Liang Wen Wang, Wei Gang Tang, Duan Qin Zhang, Wei Hong Chen

Abstract: Development of integrated hand-foot function will speed up the practical application of multi-legged robots. If the positions of each...

Authors: Jian Jun Du, Gang Liu, Jian Jun Zhu, Dun Liu

Abstract: The mechanics behavior between soil and wheel has important influence on the traction performance of the lunar rover. For analyzing the...

Authors: Xiao Feng Shang, Liang Tong, Zhi Jian Wang

Abstract: The three-Dimensional model of 40BZ6-15 centrifugal pump is built by the Solidworks software. This paper employs three-D Navier-Stokes...

Authors: Zhi Bin Li, Yun Jiang Lou, Yong Sheng Zhang, Ze Xiang Li

Abstract: The paper addresses the multi-objective optimization of a 2-DoF purely translational parallel manipulator. The kinematic analysis of the...

Authors: Yu Wang, Zhong Xiu Shi, Ji Rong Wang, Ray P.S. Han

Abstract: This paper utilizes position errors, position error rates and payload variations as inner feedback loops for controlling the actuators of...

Authors: Ke Qin Su, Ya Wei Wang, Jian Ping Wang

Abstract: The NND scheme based on Van Leer flux vector splitting is presented. The flow field of shock wave tube is calculated by the difference...

Authors: Xin Jie Wang, Xiao Hui Zhang, Liang Wen Wang, Duan Qin Zhang, Bo Wei

Abstract: In this paper, the structure and the motion state of a new type multi-legged walking robot with hand-foot-integration function is...

Authors: Ya Feng Duan, Jiang Wei Yao

Abstract: The development of multi-component blending yarn enlarging the fiber sources, improving performance of yarns, making yarns functional,...


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