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Authors: Cun Chen Gao, Nan Xiang, Yun Long Liu
Industrial Robotics and Automation
Abstract:Synthetic problem of variable structure control (VSC) for linear singular system with input and state time-delays is studied. Firstly, the...
Authors: Hong Lin Li, Peng Bing Zhao
Industrial Robotics and Automation
Abstract:There are friction characteristics, random disturbance, load variation and other nonlinear influencing factors in the multi-joint manipulator...
Authors: Tong Yu Chen, Yan Jun Liu, Qing Zhu
Industrial Robotics and Automation
Abstract:In orlder to find out the law between conductivity of polyglycol aliphatic acid ester and concentration and polymerization degree, the...
Authors: Tian Qi Wang, Liang Yu Li, Tie Jun Gao, Jun Jie He
Industrial Robotics and Automation
Abstract:A four freedom robot able to carry out automatic welding of offshore platform is introduced in this paper. The kinematic design of the robot...
Authors: Shuang Chun Peng, Liang Pan, Tian Jiang Hu, Lin Cheng Shen
Industrial Robotics and Automation
Abstract:A new three-dimensional (3D) nonlinear guidance law is proposed and developed for bank-to-turn (BTT) with motion coupling. First of all, the...
Authors: Yu Jie Cui
Industrial Robotics and Automation
Abstract:Based on kinematics analysis, trajectory planning of a 4-DOF manipulator is researched on in this paper. Quintic polynomials is adopted to...
Authors: Hua Li, Da Xu, Jian Zhang, Hai Lin
Industrial Robotics and Automation
Abstract:Aimed at work characteristics and work environment of auto loading manipulator for large caliber gun, its control system based on double CPU...
Authors: Tomislav Stipančić, Bojan Jerbić, Petar Ćurković
Industrial Robotics and Automation
Abstract:The objective of this paper is to discuss the probabilistic part of the model for robot group control applied in industrial applications. The...
Authors: Yuan Sun, Zhi Jing Zhang, Xin Ye, Xiao Feng Zhang, Yan Feng
Industrial Robotics and Automation
Abstract:The current developed micro-grippers are not effectively used in micro-assembly within the scale of 0.01-10mm due to some practical problems....
Authors: Xi Wen Zhang, Xiao Dong Wang, Yi Luo, Lin Teng, Liang Chen, Tian Ming Ma
Industrial Robotics and Automation
Abstract:Assembly is one of the most important procedure in manufacturing complex miniature products. Batch assembly is limited by the manual...
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