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Authors: Zhi Jun Wang, Jian Tao Yao, Yu Lei Hou, Yong Sheng Zhao
Sensor Technology
Abstract:Six-axis force sensors based on Stewart platform necessitate highly accurate, sensitivity and dynamic response. In response to this need,...
Authors: Lu Jun Cui, Gang Zhang, Hui Chao Shang, You Ping Chen
Sensor Technology
Abstract:The present work investigates diffusivity of hydrogen (H) in palladium-silver (Pd/Ag) over 300~1100K temperature range for...
Authors: Jun Hua Bai, Jing Li, Shao Kun Li
Sensor Technology
Abstract:To manage the cotton field effectively, the quantitative classification method for cotton growth conditions would be researched based on LAI...
Authors: Zong Ming Ren, Yang Zeng, Xiu E Fu
Sensor Technology
Abstract:In building a new On-line Multi-factor Monitoring System (OMMS) of Water Accidental Pollution Events (WAPE) based on the behavioral responses...
Authors: Yu Gui Zhang, Tao Li, Zhi Kuan He, Zhi Xue Han
Sensor Technology
Abstract:A sine wave with high frequency and high voltage is a key driving signal for EMCCD to realize electron multiplication. According to signal...
Authors: Xiong Wang, Ding Bang Xiao, Xue Zhong Wu, Sheng Yi Li
Sensor Technology
Abstract:Rocking-Mass Gyroscope (RMG) is a dual-axial symmetry vibrating mass gyroscope, whose operational modes are completely uniform, and values of...
Authors: Xiao Ding Gao, Gang Wang
Sensor Technology
Abstract:The Sensor and Circuit of testing fabric infiltrate characteristic are designed. By testing capacitance variation ΔC between the sensor and...
Authors: Qing Tao Lin, Xiang Bing Zeng, Xiao Feng Jiang, Xin Yu Jin
Sensor Technology
Abstract:This paper establishes a 3-D localization model and based on this model, it proposes a collaborative localization framework. In this...
Authors: Ji Lin Wang, Shu Lan Xia
Sensor Technology
Abstract:The temperature characteristics of semiconductor will make the zero point and sensitivity of the piezoresistive pressure sensor drift with...
Authors: Wei Hai Chen, Liang Zhang, Fang Hong Guo, Jing Meng Liu
Sensor Technology
Abstract:This paper presents the design and modeling of a permanent magnet spherical actuator which consists of a rotor with eight cylindrical...
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