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Authors: Ning Wan, Chun Sheng Guo, Shi Wei Feng, Guang Chen Zhang, Zhou Zhou
Microelectronic Technology
Abstract:The method of evaluation of VDMOS storage failure rate is presented and explained in this paper. To obtain a large number of devices working...
Authors: Jium Ming Lin, Po Kuang Chang, Cheng Hung Lin, Qi Kun Zhang
Microelectronic Technology
Abstract:This research proposes a wireless RFID-based thermal bubble accelerometer design, and relates more particularly for the technology to...
Authors: Feng Wei Yu, Hong Ying Sun
Microelectronic Technology
Abstract:Automatic synchronization is one of the important functions of marine power station management system. Grasping of ACB (air circuit breaker...
Authors: Bin Li, Hong Xia Liu, Jin Li
Microelectronic Technology
Abstract:In order to describe electron transport properties in inversion layer of strained Si/Si1-xGex nMOSFETs, a new analytic electron mobility...
Authors: Xiu Hai Jin, Yi Wang Chen, Pin Zhang
Microelectronic Technology
Abstract:In this letter, an alternating-direction reduced finite-difference time-domain (ADI-R-FDTD) method is presents. It is proven that the...
Authors: Xin Yu Jin, Cheng Li, Jun Biao Liu, Xiao Feng Jiang, Xiang Bing Zeng
Microelectronic Technology
Abstract:In this paper, a new method of ternary logic circuit design is developed. It’s proposed that two types of static ternary CMOS comparators and...
Authors: Li Li, Hong Xia Liu
Microelectronic Technology
Abstract:SiGe heterojunction structure much improves the performance of PnP HBT (heterojunction bipolar transistor), which focus on the impact of Ge...
Authors: Yu Feng Peng, Shu Li Zhang, Yao Hui Li, Yue Zhao, Si Hong Lin
Microelectronic Technology
Abstract:With the development of semiconductor process technology and IC design technology, silicon-based filter technology continuously improved. The...
Authors: Jian Ping Tan, Yun Long Liu, Heng Tuo Liu, Wei Tan, Zhuo Tan
Measure Control Technologies and Intelligent Systems
Abstract:Based on the startup dynamics model axial flow blood pump system driven by large gap magnetic force, a method that realized optimal control...
Authors: Yan Liu, Wen Liu, Bing Yang, Xiao Pai Zhang, Ping Zhang, Zhi Fang Zhong
Measure Control Technologies and Intelligent Systems
Abstract:The locomotive cab noise has became an important factor in good health of the drivers through analyzing noise hazards of the locomotive cab,...
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