Equipment Manufacturing Technology and Automation

Volumes 317-319

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chun Jian Su, Shuang Shuang Miao, Su Min Guo, Zhen Yun Chu, Rui Ma

Abstract: Springback is the prominent problem in bending forming of sheet metal, which is difficult to control accurately, especially for the bending...

Authors: Xue Song Xu, Xing Bao Liu

Abstract: A time-delay predictive control algorithm based on immune computational intelligences is proposed in this paper. The predictive control...

Authors: Min Sheng Hou

Abstract: In order to make Russian-made atmosphere computer can be connected the domestic ATC(Air Traffic Control) transponder, the interface circuit,...

Authors: Chun Yu Xu, Li Jun Zheng, Jian Cheng Song, Yun Guang Gao

Abstract: The malfunction of short-circuit protection became increasingly serious in the fully mechanized face casused by large power equipment, more...

Authors: Xue Song Zhou, Jin Liu, You Jie Ma

Abstract: With the development of science and technology, higher and higher quality requirements were needed by the electrical consumers about the...

Authors: Jian Chun Gong, Yong Chun Xie

Abstract: In this paper, it mainly researches control arithmetic of electro-hydraulic servo system. In a tele-operated master-slave control system, a...

Authors: Guang Kun Shan, De Yao Tang, Cheng Zhi Zeng, Ying Bo Wang

Abstract: Steady operation was one of the main objectives of wind turbine controlling. Online monitoring and fault diagnosis system had been installed...

Authors: Xiu Jun Long, Gang Jiang, Xiang Wei Zeng, Ke Feng Xiang

Abstract: Check valve is an important fluid control component of pressure pipeline system, shuttle-type high-temperature, high-pressure, anti-erosion...

Authors: Qiao Hu, Bao An Hao, Hong Yi, Yun Chuan Yang

Abstract: Due to the high-speed, short-time countermeasure and small target strength of underwater high-speed small targets (UHSST), it is difficult...

Authors: Hong Ming Long, Jia Xin Li, Ping Wang

Abstract: The campaign life of a modern blast furnace is determined by the residual thickness of the refractory in the hearth and it can be prolonged...


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