Equipment Manufacturing Technology and Automation

Volumes 317-319

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hui Feng Ning, Xiao Li, Jun Gong, Hong Tao Xu

Abstract: A novel concept to estimate the shape of inner hole in course of honing is presented in this paper. Based on analysis of machining...

Authors: Wei Zhang, Wei Jia Zhou, Xiao Yuan Liu

Abstract: In this work, a nonlinear system fault detection approach based on tangent space distance locally linear embedding (TLLE) is proposed. In...

Authors: Yu Shu Li, Zhi Hong Guo, Guang Ming Yi

Abstract: Carry on unattended substation at the voltage of 220kV and the following is a technological innovation which having the profound influence...

Authors: Chao Ming He, Huan Li, Guo Sheng Fei, Qiang Wang

Abstract: The metro train operation curve reflected the relations between the speed and the location of the train. The energy conservation and the...

Authors: Hong Wang, Qian Yan, Xin Geng Li, Xue Gang Wang, Xiao Ming Wang, Feng Jie Yan

Abstract: The key to accomplish transient liquid phase bonding in the atmosphere is to control bonding temperature, holding time and compressive...

Authors: Li Jun Zheng, Jian Cheng Song, Yun Guang Gao

Abstract: The overcurrent fault characters in underground cable distribution networks is analyzed, the symmetry current fault protection based on...

Authors: Juan Chen, Chang Liang Yuan

Abstract: To solve the traffic congestion control problem on oversaturated network, the total delay is classified into two parts: the feeding delay...

Authors: Zhong Jun Jin, Yan Ping Xiao, Qian Min Mao

Abstract: With the natural gas widely used in the modern industry and daily life, gas safety issues become prominent. An air-tight property detector...

Authors: Guo Xian Lin, Wei Xie

Abstract: A kind of gain scheduling control is designed for Buck converter. The small signal model of the Buck converter is translated into the Linear...

Authors: Xin Rong Liang, Xiao Yan Wu, Jian Ye Li

Abstract: In this work, we apply iterative learning method to address the traffic density control problem in a macroscopic level freeway environment...


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