Equipment Manufacturing Technology and Automation

Volumes 317-319

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chuan Lin Tang, Dong Hu, Feng Hua Zhang

Abstract: The self-excited oscillation pulsed water jet (SEOP Jet ) has been used extensively in oil and gas well drilling, mineral mining, cutting...

Authors: Dong Xu, Da Qiang Cang, Li Xue Qin, Jian Feng Duan

Abstract: The mixing effect in steel converter process is very important to the fluid flow and mass transfer in bath and directly affects the chemical...

Authors: Kun Chen, Xiang Wei Zeng, Xiao Ping Qiu, Xiao Ge Zeng

Abstract: A novel check valve - passive control shuttle-type check valve is introduced in this paper based on the comparison of the existing swing...

Authors: Li Sun, Zhao Qin Yin, Xiao Yang Yu, Guang Wen Zou

Abstract: Multi-circuit gear pump working performance cannot be affected by load, and it outputs the same amount of oil in every port, which can...

Authors: Cheng Zhuo Wen, Zhang Yong Wu, Zhen Hua Duan, Shun Feng Cen, Qing Hui Wang, Xi Wu

Abstract: The operating principle of cartridge valve controlled by high-speed on/off valve is expounded, the mathematical models are established on...

Authors: Kai Cheng, Li Yan, Guang Ming Li, Jie Tang

Abstract: The automotive power steering units must be taken performance test after they are integrated assembly and then left the factory if it is...

Authors: Bao Quan Jin, Yan Kun Wang, Ya Li Ma

Abstract: The parameters uncertainty and external disturbance play a negative role to improve electro-hydraulic position servo system performance. The...

Authors: Min Cheng, Shu Qi Xue, Ruo Bing Li

Abstract: Taking electrohydraulic servo control system used in mould oscillation in bloom continuous casting machine as the object of research, AMESim...

Authors: Wan Li Zhang, Bi Xi Zhang, Wen Rong Qiu

Abstract: For the complex features of many varieties, varying quantities of inserting production, we use such a complex system as Swarm intelligence...

Authors: Tao Sun, Zhen Gao, Gui Hong Xu

Abstract: A new control algorithm combing Reduced-order observer, LQG and Fuzzy Logic Controller (RLFLC) is proposed to compromise the classical...


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