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Authors: Huai Chao Wu, Fang Lu
Embedded System
Abstract:In order to break through the traditional flow change way of the variable plunger pump, a kind of micro-flow variable plunger pump with...
Authors: Lin Ying Jiang, Heng Zhang, Han Qing Tan
Embedded System
Abstract:This paper comes up with an algorithm and application for velocity measurement based on RFID technology. This measurement can reduce the cost...
Authors: Hong Kun Zhang, Wen Jun Li
Embedded System
Abstract:Safety is one of the key issues of future automotive development. With the trend of increasing functionality and complexity in automotive...
Authors: Hui Huang, Hao Zhang
Advanced Forming Manufacturing and Equipment
Abstract:Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPON) has been widely used in the Smart Grid. However, the overlay radius of EPON system is generally a 20...
Authors: Xiao Yan Liu, Zhao Ying Zhou
Advanced Forming Manufacturing and Equipment
Abstract:Fall is a risky event in the elderly people’s daily life, it often cause serious injury both in physiology and psychology. An inertial and...
Authors: Cai Ping Liang, Hao Bin Tian, Xiao Hang Liu, Zhong Tu Yu
Advanced Forming Manufacturing and Equipment
Abstract:The control arms, as an important part of automobile components, are widely used in auto assemblies. The ball joint sealing of control arms...
Authors: Wei Chen Wang, Hai Xia Gu
Advanced Forming Manufacturing and Equipment
Abstract:Aiming at the disadvantage of slicing STL model in rapid prototyping, a method of slicing CAD model directly is proposed to advoid the...
Authors: Wei Sun, Xian Min Zhang, Nian Feng Wang, Liang Chen, Ji Min Liang
Advanced Forming Manufacturing and Equipment
Abstract:Flexible hinge is a typical flexible element in compliant mechanisms. But in the micro area, the design of flexible Hook hinge is rare....
Authors: Jin Xin Dong, Xie Zhao Lin, Ji Ying
Advanced Forming Manufacturing and Equipment
Abstract:Micropump is the key component in the micro total analytical system. The major technical impediment in improving the performance of this...
Authors: Xin Yuan Zhou, Yong Wang, Min Wei
Advanced Forming Manufacturing and Equipment
Abstract:This paper mainly studies the microstructure and strengthening mechanism of ferritic stainless under laser shock. the mechanical properties...
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