Equipment Manufacturing Technology and Automation

Volumes 317-319

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Ying Dong, Chuan Hua Sun, Zhan Hong Wei

Abstract: The characteristics of electric pitch servo system are multivariable, nonlinear. In this paper, adaptive control method is used to satisfy...

Authors: Ting Ling Wang, Wei Liu

Abstract: An intelligent measure control system is designed to solve the problem of real-time intelligent detection of thermal defects of high voltage...

Authors: Chuan Xi Liu, Xian Ju Meng

Abstract: With economic and practical as a starting point, we design and develop the hydraulic platform for proportional relief valve characteristics...

Authors: Hua Zhou, Jiang Zhai, Cong Jin, Kai Luo

Abstract: High pressure pump is one of the key components in Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) desalination project. This paper introduced the...

Authors: Zhi Jun Feng, De Jian Zhou, Qi Fang Shen, Yan Hui Chen

Abstract: To shorten the design period of a hydraulic system and achieve distributed cooperative design by experts, this paper proposes a model of the...

Authors: Yang Min Zhou, Chao Li, Li Li Xu, Si Yi Luo, Chui Jie Yi

Abstract: The operating mode of large flow quantity and small temperature difference is used in the traditional serial heating system, which results...

Authors: Jue Wang, Dong Li

Abstract: Silk-Screen Print Technique was used to print roughness elements at the leading edge of a swept wing for crossflow (CF) dominated Laminar...

Authors: Jian Zhuo Zhang, Kang Kang Li, Meng Gao, Tian Zi Zhu

Abstract: Abstract:The working mechanism of the stationary crescent for radial compensation in the inner mesh gear pumps was studied in this paper....

Authors: Hai Bo Xie, Xiao Ming Duan, Hua Yong Yang, Zhi Bin Liu

Abstract: Hydraulic thrust system is a critical part of shield tunneling machine. Automatic trajectory tracking control is a significant task of...

Authors: Yan Tao An, Yong Wang, Jun Gang Wang

Abstract: Establish interior flow field model of the control valves under the blocking fault, using the CFD simulation and analysis the internal flow...


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