Equipment Manufacturing Technology and Automation

Volumes 317-319

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Juan Liu, Xin Bing Huang

Abstract: This paper introduces the design of front circuit in cleaning grain loss monitoring and control system for a new electric combine harvester....

Authors: Zhong Ren Chen, Hui Wang, Fang Jing Chen

Abstract: For transient electromagnetic meter home-made, there are some disadvantages, for example early signal detection is difficulty, and speed and...

Authors: Shuai Yang, Lan Xue

Abstract: LonWorks technology is a complete development platform used in monitoring network system. In order to improve the real-time of LonWorks...

Authors: Yan Li, Wen Kui Ma, Jun Liu, Sheng Wang

Abstract: The LabVIEW virtural instrument platform was established to measure the temperature by the thermocouple with a temperature compensating.The...

Authors: Tian Pei Zhou

Abstract: In electrolytic aluminum production processing, the measurement and control of alumina concentration is one of the three most important...

Authors: Cun Bing Gui, Chen Guo, Zhong Ren Chen

Abstract: It make a detailed description and instruction with the control condition of the Active Power Filter, at the same time , it also make a...

Authors: Lin Zhi Liao, Qi Chen

Abstract: For the requirement of online ultrasonic inspection for welding belt on pipeline, and the influence of its surface contour error (roundness)...

Authors: Zhi Hua Diao, Yuan Yuan Wu

Abstract: In order to resolve the problem of not taking into account color, texture and shape features in crop disease intelligent recognition...

Authors: Yi Liang, Shi Cheng Wei, Hu Yuan Sun, Yi Liu, Yu Jiang Wang

Abstract: A metal coating corrosion monitoring system (CMS) based on corrosion potential was introduced. It’s working principle, especially the design...

Authors: Qing Liang Wang, Lu Zhang, Zhou Xing Fu, Hui Du

Abstract: Leakage is one of big security risks in the explosive gas atmosphere. In view of the weak current and detection difficulty of leakage...


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