Equipment Manufacturing Technology and Automation

Volumes 317-319

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zi Ran Liu, Tao He, Yuan Yuan He, Yu Xi Yu

Abstract: Because of discontinuity at threshold, hard threshold de-noising leads to the additional oscillation at threshold when reconstructing the...

Authors: Jian Min Zhu, Fan Yang, Dong Ting Zhai

Abstract: The stress response of fracture trauma section has certain inertia and pure lag, conventional PID control can not obtain optimal stress...

Authors: Guo Hua Zhang, Shi Xuan Liu

Abstract: In order to extract pathological features of heart sound signal accurately, an algorithm for extracting the sub-band energy is developed...

Authors: Qing Hu, Rong Jie Wang, Lian Shi Lin

Abstract: The paper presents on power electronics controlled rectifier faults diagnose technology based on the combination wavelet packet...

Authors: Qing Song, Zi Lan Chen, Yuan Luo, Jie Li, Cun Wei Zou, Ling Yun Guo

Abstract: This article combines the virtual instrumentation with the droplet analysis technique. According to the characters of the signal collected...

Authors: Rui Ning Huang, Cheng Song, Xiao Hui Liu, Yun Jiang Lou

Abstract: The incremental optical encoder is widely used in PMSM servo system for speed detection. However, this method is detected the average speed,...

Authors: Xu Chen, Da Wei Li, Zhen Jiang Jiang

Abstract: The brushless direct current motor(DC) simulation model based on neural network control strategy is developed, according to the physical...

Authors: Li Rong Wan, Guang Yu Zhou, Cheng Long Wang, Wen Ming Zhao

Abstract: By taking full advantage of the technologies of data acquisition, signal analysis and processing and fault diagnosis, this thesis carries...

Authors: Yao Song Huang, Shi Liu, Jie Li, Lei Jia, Zhi Hong Li

Abstract: The identification of the fuel types plays an important role in ensuring the safety and economics of the power plants. In order to obtain...

Authors: You Jie Ma, Ya Guang Yang, Xue Song Zhou

Abstract: This document mainly analyses the sources of harmonic and harmonic hazards in power system. The article mainly from a few key links of power...


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