Equipment Manufacturing Technology and Automation

Volumes 317-319

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Cheol Jeon, Jung Woo Sohn, Seung Bok Choi

Abstract: In this paper, identification of dynamic sensing characteristics of MFC(macro fiber composite) and PVDF(polyvinylidene fluoride) are carried...

Authors: Li Wei Chen, Jian Hua Yang, Zhong Lin Tang

Abstract: Abstract. Based on metal oxide gas sensors and DSP technology an odor compass is designed in this paper. Odor compass estimates direction of...

Authors: Hong Wei Guo, Rong Qiang Liu, Zong Quan Deng, Qiu Shuang Wu

Abstract: The working principle of four-quadrant position sensitive detector(4Q-PSD) as a spot center position measurement detector is presented....

Authors: Lin Na Zhu, Hai Feng Jiang

Abstract: Node self-localization is one of the key technologies in the wireless sensor networks. The localization technology based on RSSI is a focus...

Authors: Nao Sheng Qiao, Chun Mei Yao, Yan Li, Xue Juan Chen

Abstract: Until now, no effective method to measure CCD photoelectric parameters. To solve the problem, a novel measurement method that combines...

Authors: Yu Liu

Abstract: The stiffness of microstructure is an important parameter of the microsensor. It is usually obtained by FEM approach, which is difficult to...

Authors: Xiao Hui Zhou, Fang Fang Wang

Abstract: All routing protocols are focused on how to transfer data more efficiently from the source to the destination. But various circumstances...

Authors: Wei Min Liu, Ai Yun Zheng, Ping Huo, Chun Guang Lu

Abstract: The quality of elbow flowmeter is important to its application accuracy. This paper described the digital quality evaluating method for...

Authors: Brajalal Sinha, Sunjong Oh, Torati Sri Ramulu, Jaein Lim, Dong Young Kim, Cheol Gi Kim

Abstract: Planar Hall effect sensor has been explored using multi-layer cross-shaped and bridge geometry. We present planar Hall effect in a...

Authors: Yi Jiang Cao, Er Dong Zhang, Qian Cui, Xiao Wei Liu

Abstract: Used Three-stage op amp to design a good performance CMOS integrated charge detection based on quartz gyroscope. In the circuit design,...


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