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Authors: Fu Bao Li, Qin Li, Zhong Ke Li
Sensor Technology
Abstract:Linear displacement sensor is a component, which can convert the displacement into electrical signals, and is used to measure the relative...
Authors: Ying Jun Sang, Xue Liang Huang
Sensor Technology
Abstract:In this paper, the piezoelectric ceramic electronic voltage transducer principles is researched, a new internal structure of the measurement...
Authors: Bao Zhong Xie, Tie Qun Chen
Sensor Technology
Abstract:Distributed Algorithm (DA) has been applied widely because it doesn’t need multiply operation. The serial structure DA takes less chip...
Authors: Hai Feng Jiang, Yi Xu
Sensor Technology
Abstract:Research on underwater sensor networks (UWSN) is one of the hot research topics at present. For characteristics of UWSN, such as the severe...
Authors: Jin Liang Gu, Hong E Luo, Jian Xin Li, Yan Xia, Bao Ming Li
Sensor Technology
Abstract:A kind of strain measurement system of electromagnetic railguns based on Bragg Grating technology was introduced in this paper. The Bragg...
Authors: Ming Wen, Ce Zhang
Sensor Technology
Abstract:This document deals with the study of a carbon dioxide detector, which is used in survivors searching in earthquake ruins. In order to find...
Authors: Wen Qing Shi, Yu Jun Feng, Wen Hua Wang, Yong Qiang Li, Cun You Huang, Zheng Ye Xiong, Zhong Ming Tan, Su Liang
Sensor Technology
Abstract:in order to measure knife blade angle, which has a serious influence on the sharpness and sharpness retentivity of knives and scissors, a...
Authors: Hong Min Li, Yu Ming Li, Hai Ying Yu, Pei Xiang Zhou, Yi Zhong Zheng
Sensor Technology
Abstract:This paper introduce a new dielectric film coating capacitor, which was used to measure the thickness of the water film in the efficiency of...
Authors: Pei Guo Hou, Xiang Zheng Xiao, Zhong Dong Wang
Sensor Technology
Abstract:At the view of the present situation of the oil-water interface measurement, all sorts of measurement method can not eliminate the...
Authors: Chi Tung Chen, Sirin Tekinay, Cem Saraydar, Hsing Chung Chen, Ming Yuan Hsieh, Jyu Wei Wang
Sensor Technology
Abstract:Energy bills are on the rise and with the recent attention to saving the global environment. Saving energy (minimizing energy consumption) is...
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