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Authors: Bao Hua Ji
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:In order to release the important information on the structural constitution of Japanese precursor, comparative study on structure and...
Authors: Xiang Yan Liu, Shi Lin Wu
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:This paper put forward a design of Geomagic Plug-in based RE and RP System of 3D crafts and narrates the design method of the system software...
Authors: Li Jun Wang, Hui Chen, Yan Liu, Guo Qing Gou, Da Li
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:In the areas of remanufacturing and working conditions with requirements of wear and corrosion resistance, the WC-Co thermal spray coating...
Authors: Cong Mei Wei, Jin Yi Lian, Jing Jie Li
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:This paper analyzes the mathematical model of load-sensing hydraulic system based on power linkage graph method and builds the simulation...
Authors: Zhao Hui Deng, Zhi Gang Xu, Qiao Ping Wu, Xiao Hong Zhang
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:It is achieved that abrasive grains could be ordered on the surface of a grinding wheel using modern manufacturing methods. The excellent...
Authors: Peng Zhao, Ou Li, A Ping Liu
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:Polysaccharide from Limonium bicolor Kunze (Bge.)(LBPs) was extracted with the assistance of ultrasonic.Box-Behnken design(BBD) was employed...
Authors: Zhen Huang, Xiao Jun Tang, Jun Hua Liu
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:On the basis of building the mathematic light-path model of four-quadrant photodetector, three dimensional(3D) position monitoring system of...
Authors: Mei Li, Yan Yue Lu, Lei Zhong, Shuang Fei Wang
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:The catalyst was prepared by using activated carbon as the carrier and loading with iron oxide as the active component, the main factors...
Authors: Li Qing Li, Guo Zheng Zhu
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:Experiments of micro-EDM in gas (dry MEDM) were conducted on the conditions of an external supplying gas mode based on a RC pulse generator....
Authors: Long Gu, Hui Dong Yang, Bo Huang
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:Amorphous Silicon-germanium films were prepared by radio frequency plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (RF-PECVD) on glass substrates....
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