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Authors: Wei Li Li, Yong Gui Yan, Guang Chen, Fan Zhang
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:The electrochemical behaviour of a new type Al-Zn-In-Mg-Ti-Ga-Mn anode suitable for deepwater cathodic protection was investigated. The...
Authors: Ruo Hui Lin, Ke Gang Wu, Xiang Hua Chai, Shao Shu Zhong
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:Experimental study had been done to investigate the fatty acid (FA) content of the linolenic acid-amylose complexes which were prepared at...
Authors: Zhi Jian Wang, Yan Wang, Nabil Gindy
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:This paper introduces an experimental design and evaluation of two newly developed conformable vices. One conformable vice is sheet metal...
Authors: Wen Lin Liu, Wei Han, Zhi Tao Mu, Xiu Xia Wang, Da Zhao Yu
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:It requires a damage tolerance assessment for all airframes and engines to set the inspection windows for safe operation. A certain...
Authors: Tong Chen Chang, Hong Yu Zhu, Hai Hong Wu
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:Warpage is a common defect resulted from uneven thermal shrinkage during injection molding process. In this paper, the authors investigated...
Authors: Chang Chun Liang, Liu Qun Fan, Dang Jin Qi, Gang Yi, Zhuang Miao
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:According to the principle of parametric curve paths CNC interpolating, a real-time interpolation algorithm based on algebraic index of the...
Authors: Jin Yu, Yu Xiang Shi, Gui Wu Yang
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:By analyzing the relative position between tool and workpiece in assemble model of finite simulation, and loading the tool with parallel...
Authors: Wei Zhang, Lei Jiang Yao, Xiao Yan Tong
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:Lightweight design was carried out in order to meeting the requirement of long endurance. Structure form was designed based on loading...
Authors: Li Guang Tan, Xiao Ting Xiao, Hua Dian Wen, Qiao Yu Chen
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:With the flange deformation in the deep drawing process of prefabricate-holes part, makes the area around the prefabricate-hole as the...
Authors: Zhi Yong Liu, Xin Lai He, Shan Wu Yang, Qiang Xue Zhou
Materials and Its Applications
Abstract:The ultra-low carbon high strength weathering steel was trial manufactured. By Optical micrographs observation, scanning electronic...
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