Mechatronics and Materials Processing I

Volumes 328-330

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bao Zhong Wang, Li Jie Cao

Abstract: This paper measured the vibration transmissibility of several honeycomb paperboards and the attenuation coefficient. Laboratory was used to...

Authors: Quan Wang, Juan Ying Qin, Xing Qin

Abstract: This paper presents the inversion power-supply control system with the software of dual SPWM modulation system and voltage closed loop PI...

Authors: Xiu Hui Fu, Lai Bao Xu

Abstract: Metal detector is used more and more widely in the modern social life, it acquires much attention because of its powerful detection...

Authors: Shu Ni Song, Jing Yi Liu

Abstract: Newton-Raphson (N-R) method has been employed to solve the system of simultaneous equations arising in Rigid-Plastic finite element...

Authors: Hua Zou, Qiang Li, Shou Guang Sun

Abstract: Cumulative fatigue damage is an important consideration in determining the fatigue life of structures. A cumulative linear damage rule...

Authors: Hui Zhong, Jie Yang, Hua Lei Wang, Yu Shi

Abstract: An extensive investigation of electromagnetic properties has been carried out on the CeO2-doped NiZn ferrites,...

Authors: You Yi Zheng, Lei Wu, Chun Lin Zhang

Abstract: Because of the complicated shape of the structural characteristics of the tool and the use of performance requirements, the tool substrate...

Authors: Hang Liu, Yan Xu, Kei Leung Yung, C.L. Kang, W. Tian

Abstract: The method of using microwelding machine to fabricate micro features on a stainless steel micro mould has been studied. The micro features...

Authors: Wei Wu, Ling Yun Zhu, Guang Feng Wu

Abstract: The bonds of T2 copper/50steel were studied by inertial radial friction welding techniques at different conditions. Ultrasonic C-scan...

Authors: Dan Li, Jing Lv, Wu Zhong Ni

Abstract: Surface mulch is regarded as an effective manner to reducing soil water evaporation, but limited with the adverse influence of plastic film...


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