Mechatronics and Materials Processing I

Volumes 328-330

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhong Da Chen, Lei Xing, Wei Wang

Abstract: The pavement performance of asphalt mixture and its adaptability to features of application area, cost estimation and harmonic relationship...

Authors: An Xia Pan

Abstract: Combining with productive practice, production of intermediate castings in high-strength turbochargers under the condition of intermediate...

Authors: Guang Si Luo

Abstract: Austempered ductile cast iron is newly developed engineering material with a favorable combination of comprehensive mechanical properties....

Authors: Xue Fei Li, Tao Guo

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is based on the cement-based materials by adding fibers and mineral admixtures for composite, to cement the...

Authors: Li Chen, Ye Li, Xu Lei Qin, Kui Wu, De Long Jiang, Jing Quan Tian

Abstract: The formation of super-thin continuous dielectric film (e.g. the ion barrier film-IBF) on microchannel plate (a kind of porous substrate) is...

Authors: Qiang Ye, San San Xiao, Pu Hui Chen

Abstract: A six-point bending test was presented to simulate skin/stiffener debonding under anti-symmetrical loading conditions. A novel rig was...

Authors: Li Cheng, Yi Xin Zhang, Jiao Xu, Ming Yan

Abstract: The negative effect of the conventional laser bonding caused by high temperature has been analyzed in the Si-glass bonding process. A new...

Authors: Ping Hu, Qi Shao, Qian Nie, Wei Dong Li

Abstract: Adhesive bonded T-joint is commonly applied in the manufacture of automotive structures. The objective of this work is the analysis of the...

Authors: Xiu Hui Fu, Shu Li Ouyang

Abstract: In recent years, internet based telerobotics has become more and more important in our lives and scientific research, there are many...

Authors: Bo Xu, Ming Chun Jia, Jin Feng Men

Abstract: In order to improve the performance of sponge iron for removing dissolved oxygen, sponge iron was originally modified by chemical...


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