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  | Authors: Jin Fa Ming, Yao Xing Jiang, Bao Qi Zuo
Chapter 1: Natural Fiber
Abstract:Ultraviolet aging of B.mori silk fabric was studied under natural and artificial weathering conditions. Exposed samples were removed...
Authors: Xiao Hong Shan, Jun Xiong Liu, Wei Wei Liu
Chapter 1: Natural Fiber
Abstract:This paper researched the process rapidly degumming and bleaching apocynum venetum, which is one-bath alkali-H2O2...
Authors: Wei Li, Lei Zhao, Qian Wen Wang
Chapter 1: Natural Fiber
Abstract:In this paper,the extraction of rhubarb dye and the stability of rhubarb dye to heat and acetic was investigated. This paper investigated...
Authors: Zheng E Dong, Ruo Yao Ding, Lei Zheng, Xing Qun Zhang, Chong Wen Yu
Chapter 1: Natural Fiber
Abstract:To achieve bio-scouring or biological degumming of the flax roving, an alkalophilic strain was screened from the rotten wrack around Zhoushan...
Authors: Mei Niu, Zi Lu Wu, Jin Ming Dai, Wen Sheng Hou, Sheng Shi, Yin Li
Chapter 1: Natural Fiber
Abstract:Wool fiber was firstly pretreated by nano-SiO2/Ag antibacterial agent, and then dyed with an acid dyes at low temperature by ultrasonic...
Authors: Chika Uchijo, Yuki Kuroda, Kiyoshi Kemmochi, Li Min Bao
Chapter 1: Natural Fiber
Abstract:In reacent years, studies on reducing the diameter of microcapsules for practical application to self-healing FRP have been conducted. This...
Authors: Jing Tang, Yi Zhang
Chapter 1: Natural Fiber
Abstract:based on investigation and sample testing, studied on fiber property of color rabbit hair. The color rabbit hair has good spinnability....
Authors: Zhi Qiang Wang, Xiao Ning Lu, Xiao Juan Huang
Chapter 1: Natural Fiber
Abstract:This paper describes a preliminary investigation on the use of ramie fibre/ phenol formaldehyde (PF) composite to reinforce laminated veneer...
Authors: Lin Tian, Lei Tan, Qing Bin Yang
Chapter 1: Natural Fiber
Abstract:In order to understand the basic performances of bamboo yarns, the tensile strength, abrasion resistance and hairiness of yarns are analyzed...
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