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Authors: Feng Chun Dong, Qing Qing Liu, Yong Tang Jia
Chapter 1: Natural Fiber
Abstract:In this paper, silk fabrics were dyed with natural dyestuff copits. The effects of dyeing PH value, temperature, time, and dye solution...
Authors: Yun Hui Xu, Yong Jin Deng
Chapter 1: Natural Fiber
Abstract:For exploiting green ecological cotton fiber products with the multifunction, a new cotton fiber crosslinked with chitosan of low molecular...
Authors: Long Yun Hao, Rui Wang, Jing Quan Liu, Rong Zhan Liu
Chapter 1: Natural Fiber
Abstract:In this research, cotton fabrics were colored with a pigment suspension, and then treated with an acid cellulase to investigate the...
Authors: Qiu Ling Cao, Lin Wang, Wen Ying Li
Chapter 1: Natural Fiber
Authors: Hong Yan Wu, Fu Mei Wang, Feng Tan
Chapter 1: Natural Fiber
Abstract:The study focused on structure and fiber length of Java kapok fruit from Pate County, Java Tengah in Indonesia for effective utilization. The...
Authors: Hong Chao Miao, Bo Jun Xi, Hong Lin, Yu Yue Chen
Chapter 1: Natural Fiber
Abstract:Silk fabrics are highly popular with people for their excellent properties, with science and living standards progress, the natural and no...
Authors: Xing Mei Guo, Yi Ping Qiu
Chapter 1: Natural Fiber
Abstract:The use of natural plant fibers as reinforcing fillers in fiber-polymer composites has drawn much interest in recent years. Natural plant...
Authors: Si Tan, Jian Ming Wang
Chapter 1: Natural Fiber
Abstract:This research focuses on the promotion of China-hemp in the dye bath, the effect of salt, alkali, time and temperature on the dyeing...
Authors: Deng Hong Luo, Fang Yang, Qing Kang Zheng, Sheng Chen, Han Yu Li
Chapter 1: Natural Fiber
Abstract:Rinsing of cotton fabric dyeing with reactive dye was carried out by ozonation process. The results indicated that ozonation rinsing is...
Authors: Xiao Dong Hu, Hua Deng, Lin Du
Chapter 1: Natural Fiber
Abstract:Sol - gel method and doped with Fe3+ modification techniques were used, prepared for high catalytic activity of iron-doped titanium dioxide...
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